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Two Spanish concerts. February 2022: Madrid and Barcelona.
Looking back at the Spanish concerts. André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra were not allowed to perform during almost two years, due to the worldwide corona (Covid-19) pandemic. On 1,2,3,4, December 2021 he started the first four sold out concerts in Lisbon, Portugal. The year 2022 started with two more sold out concerts in Spain: in Madrid and Barcelona. The audience was still obliged to wear face masks. For the year to come we all hope that he can continue to tour the world. On this page we show some impressions and Facebook pictures of the concerts in Spain.
Béla Mavrak (tenor) is sightseeing Madrid (Cybele Palace). Serge Bosch (tenor) in front of the venue: WiZink Center. Micaëla Oeste (new soprano) having fun with the guys of Los Del Rio. Susanne Hardick (new piano player) and Vera Kool (harp) are dancing the Macarena.
Below: Maja Jasinska, the new flute player and the sopranos Ellie Moran, Micaëla Oeste and Anna Majchrzak.
Gaudi’s unfinished “Sagrada Familia”, Barcelona.
Three Polish beauties: Maja, Agnes, Gosia Loboda.
Maja presents her new dress, made by Gosia Tarnowski.
Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, 15,000 people.
Happy faces.
Very happy Spanish fans!! From left to right: Itziar, Isabel, Béla, Maite, Maria.
André Rieu beams with happiness on Valentine's Day (February 14th 2022) in Barcelona, Spain.
Los Del Rio.
Tenor Gary Bennett.
The Berlin Comedian Harmonists.
Telegraaf: Febr.14, 2022. By Harrie Nijen Twilhaar. Photo credits: Marcel van Hoorn. Translation: John. Especially for Valentine's Day, the world-famous violinist and orchestra leader André Rieu had himself photographed in sunny Barcelona in front of the imposing basilica Sagrada Familia with a huge heart in his hands. It was a busy week for André Rieu in Spain. The "Waltz King" played for two sold-out concerts in Madrid and Barcelona. No less than 27,000 concert goers were treated to romantic sounds because of Valentine's Day. The fans reacted exuberantly to the return of the Dutch orchestra leader. Being pampered According to the violinist and orchestra leader of the Johann Strauss Orchestra, today it is the day when lovers can pamper each other somewhat extra. The maestro is also shining again after a difficult period. After countless cancellations over the past two years, including his recent Christmas concerts in the MECC, it l looked bleak for all. "I have always remained optimistic and knew that one day we would perform again," he emphasized earlier to Telegraaf/Privé. In the meantime, the iconic Limburger longs for the concerts on his Maastricht Vrijthof which will be held this summer and where amongst others, he can also meet his Dutch fans again.
Summer. This year it will be happening again. After two years of absence, he will perform fifteen concerts from 7 to 30 July 2022 on the famous square in the heart of Maastricht. "I am so happy that we can play on the Vrijthof again this summer. My orchestra, our choir, all the soloists and myself, are all so very happy that we can finally celebrate the return of music on stage again", says the proud Maastricht native.
Who is Marcel van Hoorn?? We see so many wonderful pictures of André Rieu and the Orchestra members, photographed by Marcel van Hoorn. Marcel is a freelance photographer who lives in Heerlen, Limburg, NL. He works for, among others, the Limburg- and National Dutch newspapers. He made many price winning photos. Very often he travels the world together with André, making the most beautiful photos. The fans love them. Thank you Marcel!
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