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Christmas at the MECC. December 2021.
Limburger, L1, September 15, 2021. Interview by Jo Cortenraedt. Rieu aims for 10 full concerts at the MECC for Christmas. Read the full newspaper article in the Harmony Parlor Blogspot, click HERE.
The MECC is a big conference hall in Maastricht.
Champagne for everyone to celebrate the new start after 18 months of corona break.
Rehearsing for the Christmas performance.
Christmas concerts 2019. Click HERE to get an idea of the first Christmas concerts in the MECC in 2019. The Christmas concerts in Maastricht should become an annual tradition, but then corona broke out worldwide. During the last 18 months André was not allowed to perform. Great joy when the Dutch government announced in September 2021 that concerts would allowed again, provided that the attendees can show proof of vaccination or a negative corona test result via a Corona Check App on their iPhone.
September 15, 2021. Late night edition of Shownieuws, SBS 6, Dutch TV. Talkshowhost Tooske Ragas, with a contribution by Albert Verlinden.
In 2014 Onno Hoes (at the right) was the mayor of Maastricht. Journalist/ theater producer Albert Verlinden (left) is his partner. They have an apartment in Maastricht. Both attended André’s Vrijthof concert and we met them in front of our hotel in Maastricht.
Video below: André thanks the fans for their support.
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