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July 4, 2021 Two André’s: best friends. André van Duin speaks about his friendship with André Rieu. Click on the picture
July 2, 2021. Shownieuws, Dutch TV. André is overjoyed to be back at work again. Click on the picture.
July 15, 2021 Article from “the Telegraph”. André Rieu: I cry for Limburg. Currently the province of Limburg suffers from flooding by some big rivers (Rhine, Meuse). Read the article in the Harmony Parlor blogspot, by clicking on the photo.
July 17, 2021. TV images about the flood in Limburg. A combined video of RTL Boulevard and Shownieuws with English subtitles. Click on the picture.
August 12, 2021. Benefit (Dutch) TV show, on August 18, for the Limburg people who were affected by the flooding. Fundraising campaign with collaboration of André Rieu, the Limburg pop band Rowwen Hèze, André van Duin, and others. Click on the picture
August 17, 2021. Dutch TV: RTL4, Humberto André Rieu is a guest at Humberto Tan’s talkshow. Click on the picture.
September 10, 2021. André is in Vienna to prepare his first two concerts after the corona lock down, in November 2021. ORF 2 (Austrian TV) broadcast an interview in the talkshow “VERA”. by Vera Russwurm. Click on the picture.
September 12, 2021. Finally!! First performance after the corona lock down! Maastrichts Salon Orchestra. On the occasion of the festive opening of the Open Air Theater in Brunssum (Limburg, NL). Click on the picture.
September 15, 2021. Limburger, L1. interview by Jo Cortenraedt. Rieu aims for 10 concerts in the MECC at Christmas. On the same page: Shownieuws, SBS 6. Click on the picture.
September 24, 2021. Another “Golden Oldie”, from 2002. Talkshow “Barend en van Dorp” from September 13th, 2002. Very interesting to watch this interview from 20 years ago. Click on the picture.
September 24, 2021. Interview with André Rieu in the German NDR talk show. Presenters: Bettina Tietjen and Jörg Pilawa. André surprised them with a big cake. Click on the picture to watch the video.
September 25, 2021. Podcast Weird Hit Wonder. About misfits in the pop music hit lists. André Rieu in 1994 with the Second Waltz. Only in Dutch language! Click on the picture.
September 28, 2021. Shownieuws, Dutch TV: KIng’s Day (April 27th) 2022 will be celebrated In Maastricht. The King and his family will be there, and of course also André Rieu will tribute to the festivities Click on the picture!
October 1st, 2021. Congratulations, dear Maestro, on your 72nd birthday. We hope that the corona pandemic has gone now and that you can continue your worldwide successful concerts. Love from your fans, all across the world. Click on the picture.
October 12, 2021. Interview with André Rieu by L1, Limburg local TV. Click on the picture to watch the interview. English subtitles added.
October 19, 2021. Interview: Talk show Club 1 on German TV: ARD 1. Talk show host: Hannes Ringlstetter. For the German speaking fans we added on this page a radio interview on WDR4. Oct. 24. Click on the picture.
October 18, 2021. André is promoting his Portuguese tour. Two TV programs from Portugal: A Nossa Tarde (Our afternoon) and Cá por Casa com Herman José (Here at home with Herman José). It is understandable, since André speaks English. Click on the picture.
Fall 2021: New to the Johann Strauss Orchestra: Micaëla Oeste soprano, Maja Jasinska flute player and Susanne Hardick, piano player, replacing Stéphanie Detry.
October 30, 2021 Very spectaculair edition of Victor Mids’ TV program: Mindf*ck. Dutch TV NPO 1. Click on the picture to watch the program.
November 15, 2021. Message by André Rieu: “Dear fan, Following last Friday's press conference by the Dutch government, and in view of the current situation regarding the corona pandemic, I have decided to postpone this year’s Christmas concerts in the MECC in Maastricht. These are large events for 12,000 people each evening, and I consider it irresponsible under the present circumstances - the high number of infections and an overloaded health care system - to give concerts for such a large audience in the Netherlands. It is with pain in my heart that I have made this decision, because after 19 months without concerts we would love nothing more than to jump on stage and play. But I feel that this is the only right thing to do now. Tickets remain valid for next year’s Christmas concerts of course”.
November 15, 2021 Shownieuws, Dutch TV André shares his disappointment. Click on the picture.
November 19, 2021. André was a guest on “Koffietijd” (Coffee Time), Dutch TV, RTL 4. Presenters: Pernille La Lau and Patrick Martens. Here you can watch the introduction of the corona “distance-waltz”. Click on the picture.
November 2021, Cinema movie “Christmas with André” (a compilation). Click on the picture.
November 30, 2021. Back on Tour!! After a corona break of 20 months, André and his group are happy together on track again, for the first four concerts in Lisbon, Portugal. December, 1,2,3,4, 2021. Click on the picture for a review on the first Lisbon concert.
December 2021. Moving article in the PLUS-Magazine of December 2021. Now I am living in my dream. Go to the Harmony Parlor blogspot to read the full article. “My father has actually only been once to one of my concerts, and left half way through. My mother has never been”. Click Here.
December 13, 2021 Max Verstappen is worldchampion Formula 1 Click on the picture for André’s reaction in the Dutch Media.
December 25 and 26, 2021. L1mbourgeois, Limburg TV broadcast two interviews by Jo Cortenraedt about the Lisbon concerts. Click on the picture.
December 26, 2021. Linda’s Winter Month. Dutch TV program, SBS 6, presenter: Linda de Mol. Very long interview with two guests, Britt Dekker and André Rieu. Click on the picture.
June 5th 2023. Movie of the 2023 Maastricht concerts, “Love is all around”, will be screened in the Dutch cinemas on August 26 and 27, 2023. Today we found Alice Leung’s report and photo show of the 2021 cinema screening in Vancouver. In 2021 and 2022 there were no concerts on the Vrijthof, due to the corona lock down. That is why André put together a 2021 film of the highlights of recent years. Alice wrote a nice review. Click on the picture.
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