Colectiv Club Fire Bucharest
April 15, 2016. During a press conference today in Bucharest, André Rieu donated € 150.000 to the fire victims of Club Colectiv, from the sales of his DVD "Live in Bucuresti". Click on the picture to read more about this event. André also announced a second concert in Bucharest: 11 and 12 June 2016. Tickets on sale now!
On October 30, 2015, a terrible accident occurred in the Colectiv Nightclub in Bucharest, Romania. A fire killed 39 and injured 172 people. The explosion occurred during a free concert performed by a metalcore band to celebrate the release of their new album. The band's Pyrotechnics, consisting of sparkler firework candles, ignited the club’s acoustic foam, and the fire spread rapidly. Most of the victims were poisoned by toxins released from the burning foam. Overtaken by the high number of victims, Romanian authorities transferred some of the seriously injured to hospitals in Israel, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. Protests over the deaths led to the resignation of the Romanian Prime Minister and his government.
On November 7, 2015 an emotional André Rieu was in Romania to pay tribute to the victims. He said: “The Romanian people have given me so many beautiful memories during the two weeks that I was there (He recorded a personal sales record of 33.000 tickets within 15 hours). All I wanted was to come here and cry with you. The only thing I can give you is my music and I hope it will help you”. Below a video of the Romanian TV.
The Dutch Television also paid attention to André’s trip to Bucharest: Below an item of RTL Boulevard with presenter Albert Verlinden.
Below an interview with André Rieu in the RTL Late Night Show. Presenter: Humberto Tan.
Note 1: The Ziggo Dome is a very big hall in Amsterdam. Note 2: “The Toppers” are three popular Dutch singers (one of them is Jeroen v.d. Boom) who yearly create an enormous party, a sing-along spectacle, in the Ziggo Dome.
Rodica Trasca sent a message to André, on behalf of the Romanian fans. André thank you that you were there for us, thanks André for your soul and talent, thank you for your music, thank you for your donation, thank you for praying and tears given to our innocent young people who died at Club Colective. The Romanian people love you, you are a real Angel”. Click HERE to read more about the Bucharest concerts in June 2015.
November 27, 2015. André was in Bucharest, Romania, to release his DVD “Live in Bucharest”, of which the proceeds go to the victims of the Colectiv Club Fire. At the same time he was awarded the Bucharest Honorary Ambassador title by the Romanian capital’s new interim Mayor Razvan Sava.
Rodica Trasca was there. André said that he would return to Bucharest to perform concerts, in June 2016.
January 13th 2016: André Rieu received the international “MAN among Men” award, in the section “Friends of Romania”. He announced new open air concerts in Bucharest, in June 2016.
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