Lift-Off Percussion and Entertainment July 13th, 2014
Sunday July 13, 2014, Lift-Off Concert Marcel Falize formed the group Lift-Off in 2010. This band consists of the Falize family and friends. Having a Lift-Off concert during the Rieu Maastricht period is normally not possible, but due to the finals of the World Championship Soccer, there was no Rieu concert on Sunday July 13. Time for a Lift-Off concert! Two buses with Rieu fans traveled from Maastricht to Heerlen to attend this wonderful concert. Watch the videos below for an impression of this concert.
Bus stop at Maastricht Railway station
On the pictures: Barbara, Kevin and Harold Johnson (UK), James and Rose Gregg (New Zealand), Victoria and Hanne Jäger (Germany).
Concert, part 1
Concert, part 2
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