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Maja Jasińska, Flute player, since 2021 with André.
Maja Jasińska is a flute player from Poland and gives concerts in the classical, jazz and pop field regularly. She is a flute teacher for jazz saxophonists at the Conservatorium Maastricht. Maja is also a successful social media blogger, her Instagram account has already attracted the attention of tens of thousands flute players from around the world. Maja has been invited to work with many world known organizations such as: Het Concertgebouw, Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège, European Pop Orchestra, Primephonic and more. She started to play flute at the age of 10 in Wlodzimierz Tuz class. Later her teacher was Cezary Traczewski. Since 2012 Maja was studying in the flute class of Philippe Benoit at the Conservatorium Maastricht and graduated with a Master degree cum laude. During her studies Maja received lessons from flute masters like: Peter Lukas Graf, Pierre-Yves Artaud, Felix Renggli, Dejan Gavric, Łukasz Długosz, Lars Asbjornsen, Wissam Boustany, Emily Beynon.
Three flute players of the Johann Strauss Orchestra: Nathalie Bolle, Teun Ramaekers, and Maja Jasińska.
Three Polish girls in the orchestra: Maja Jasińska, Agnes Fizzano-Walter, Gosia Loboda.
In September 2023 Maja posted this video on Facebook and Instagram.
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