Valentine’s Day February 14th, 2015
André buys Marjorie 40 red roses in Martijn’s Flowershop in the Rechtstraat (Wyck) in Maastricht, because it was 40 years ago that they became engaged to be married
Wow!! Also a chocolate heart for Marjorie!
Telegraaf, Febr. 14th on the main page: In the red heart: André Rieu honors the love of his life. André Rieu is the most romantic man in the Netherlands. Exactly 40 years ago he became engaged and married Marjorie, the love of his life, and today, on Valentine's Day, he again gives her his heart. Yesterday he was spotted on the Vrijthof Square with 6 kilos (13.2lbs) of chocolate under his arm. "Marjorie freed me from Beethoven" he explains. "I was studying violin in a gloomy room in Brussels and I was at the point of giving up. And then.… there was Marjorie. She introduced me the brighter sides of classical music. The Waltz, Strauss. Thanks to her everything exploded". André is in Limburg. He does not want to miss carnival. But on Valentine's evening he is staying home.
Martijn the Florist changed his profile photo on Facebook. He was happy with André’s visit. You may find Martijn under “Martijn de Bloemist” on Facebook. There he tells that he will change his shop in the Rechtstraat to “M-Perception (Open in March 2015) Of course he will still sell flowers, but also Men’s Fashion and even stuffed animals.
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