Lift-Off Percussion and Entertainment June 26th, 2016, Heerlen
New program by Lift-Off percussion and entertainment, On Sunday June 26, 2016. “Dreaming the Globe  in 80 Beats”. Live your dream, don’t dream your life. A show about hilarious moments from Marcel Falize’s life. Experiences from all over the world with known and unknown music from all continents. Story teller: Raymond Clement. Parkstad theater, Heerlen.
Promotion video for the new show.
Do you remember the DVD “The Flying Dutchman” from 2004? The concert was in Limburg, in the town of Kerkrade. The Falize family played “Volare” on a 4-person Xylophone.
In June 2016 Marcel turned 50, and Glenn (25) became father of son Mik. On June 26th 2016, the entire Falize family performed with Lift-Off a great percussion and entertainment show, assisted by Ad Triepels and son Dion (percussion), Sjors Dahmen and Rick Maassen (guitar), Ward Vlasveld (keyboard), Diana Olierook and Dyonne Hermans (sopranos). Ad Triepels joined the early Johann Strauss Orchestra for 4 years, as a percussionist.
And even more back in time, in 1997, Marcel’s oldest son Glenn Falize, featured as the little drummer boy in André Rieu’s first Christmas special (video below). He was 7 years old.
Below a compilation of the show. New and refreshing was the combination of world music and the lyrics by comedian Raymond Clement with Marcel’s personal anecdotes from the Johann Strauss Orchestra behind the scenes, traveling over the world.
Photo by Kaylee Cox
Marcel Falize joined the Johann Strauss Orchestra more than 26 years ago. One of the anecdotes, told in this Lift-Off concert was from the early years of the JSO. At that time they had to organize everything themselves. At a certain day they arrived at the venue to discover that they had forgotten to bring André’s tuxedo! How did they solve the problem?? André selected an orchestra member of his size (that was Marcel) and decided to wear Marcel’s suit. And Marcel? Standing behind the big percussion instrument…. had to wear the bus driver’s black jacket……
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