Vincenzo Viola (1) violinist
April 12, 2020, Easter (Corona isolation). We will rise up again! Buonaa Pasqua a tutti! Happy Easter to everybody, especially for the many who are celebrating these days alone, without the warmth of their family and friends around them.
March 22, 2020. In these days of silence a tribute to our country (Italy is one of the most affected countries by the corona virus in Europe) and to everybody fighting all over the world against this tremendous virus. Hopefully we will soon sing again full of joy. All men shall be brothers. Ode to joy.
March 13, 2020. André Rieu had to stop the American concert tour, due to the worldwide outbreak of the Corona Virus. Orlando... Back to home after having played the first concert of the American tour. Ready to fight together with everyone for the most important game in the coming weeks... Thanks for the kind and lovely messages.
From André Rieu’s website: Vincenzo Viola. With such a musical surname, Vincenzo Viola must have been put on earth to become an excellent musician, especially in Italy, the country of singers and violinists! Vincenzo has talents in both directions: he is a wonderful violinist who is also possessed of a fabulous singing voice. He comes from Calabria in the far south of Italy. So it’s no surprise that Vincenzo has Italian charm, humour and enthusiasm in large measure. Even at the most hectic moments which are bound to happen on our tours, Vincenzo is a picture of calm. For him it’s always true to say ‘La vita è bella!’ Within my orchestra there is a traditional Limburg card game called ‘trumps’ which is very popular. Whether we are in a bus, on the plane or in a hotel, there is always a tournament in progress, and over many years and tournaments some of the orchestra members have become unbeatable players.
After Vincenzo played with us for the first time, he soon became one of the most devoted players. He learns very quickly, and has begun to win more and more often, naturally to the great discomfiture of the long-time trumps players who feel their national honour is being challenged! And when he doesn’t feel the need to ‘trump’ the others at cards, he and our double bass player Franco Vulcano (also from Italy) devote themselves to their shared passion: chess.
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