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Interview: Club 1, ARD 1 (German TV) Talk show host: Hannes Ringlstetter.
Duration video: 15 minutes. Translation: Ineke/John. Technics, subtitles: Ruud.
Hannes Ringlstetter and side kick Caro Matzko.
André is promoting his Happy Together Tour. Germany is on his calendar for January 2022. Below you can hear a radio interview on the German radio channel WDR 4, on October 24, 2021. The title is: Frühstück mit…… (Breakfast with….) We cannot add subtitles, so it is only suitable for German speaking fans. The interviewer is Heike Knispel and the duration of the radio interview is 17 minutes. We thank Diana D Le, for sending us both links on this page.
Heike Knispel.
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