2004: André van Duin meets André Rieu
From 2004:   André van Duin satirizes André Rieu. It is hard to translate because of the many word jokes and double meanings of Dutch expressions, but below I wrote a small description about what it is all about.
André van Duin as André Rieu! He performs on stage with what he calls "the most delicious part of his orchestra", only the girls. He makes word jokes about his "strijkje" (a palm-court orchestra or small ensemble) but he says "uitstrijkje" (and that means a cervical smear for women..…) He also mentions the name of an Irish Pub: "The legs of Arleane", and since they were opened, they entered…. This is the story in short: While performing a technical error occurs on stage... They are playing faster and faster and finally they explode. André sends them back to the bus. In the meantime, until the problem gets solved, André has to entertain the audience by himself, so he decided to perform the historic drama-play of Romeo and Julia, going back and forth portraying the characters. After that he performs an opera. A very dramatic opera, sang in Dutch language. His lyrics are like this: I went to the butcher, where I bought a lot of Frankfurters (sausages), but I had no bag with me, so I put them under my shirt. I took the bus home and the bus hit a pothole and shook me all up. One sausage fell from my shirt and exited through the fly in my pants. There was a lady sitting opposite of me and looking at me. How embarrassing. I took my pocketknife out and cut off the sausage. The lady fainted! But another sausage appeared. I took my knife out again and cut that off too!  And then.... I fainted…..
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