André Rieu in the Cinema CinemaLive July 23/24, 2016
The cinema in The Hague was almost sold out both days. Prosecco was served on Sunday, not on Saturday. The people applauded, sang along and we all enjoyed the concert very much. We loved Charlotte Hawkin’s interview with André and Pierre’s tour backstage. We look forward to add this DVD to our collection. Below: Charlotte’s interview with André. To see more about the Maastricht concerts on this website, please click HERE.
Local Radio/TV broadcast by TV West: “Golden Oldies At Full Speed”. Program with part of the “Golden Oldies” mime orchestra, prior to the cinema streaming. Translated by Ineke, edited by Entia. Do you like to see more about the “Golden Oldies At Full Speed”? We called them “Rieu entertainment” in previous items: Click HERE.
on July 23 and 24, 2016: The CinemaLive satellite streaming of the Maastricht concert was shown in many cinemas in Europe. At Ruud and Ineke’s home town The Hague in the Netherlands, something special happened!
Golden Oldies at the cinema in The Hague, NL. On Sunday July 24th 2016, we watched a performance of the mime group “Golden Oldies At Full Speed” before and after the Live in Maastricht concert movie, at the cinema Pathé Buitenhof. This group of seniors has André’s permission to perform in care centers and so on. The average age is 78 and Joke Breedijk, who plays André, told us: “They don’t talk about maladies, pains or pills anymore, they just talk about the performances”. In addition, neighbors, and fans from their senior apartment complex as well as those from a neighboring care center nearby accompanied them with their walkers and scooters to the theater. So "door to door transportation" was needed due because of the walkers and the self made instruments. Ruud and Ineke took care of the photos and video recordings. And yes…. The group members are wearing Ruth Morgan’s buttons. For this special occasion they borrowed our entire collection! At the cinema people walked through the images all the time, because they were entering the cinema, looking for their seats. The same happened after the film had finished, the audience was slowly leaving the cinema. And of course people were taking many pictures, even in between the orchestra! Well, that makes the images very lively! Joke, what do you think? Next time a tap dance on the ironing board/piano?? Watch the video below.
Photo: Inge van Kasteren
After the intermission: not everyone had returned to their seats yet.
More encores after the film had finished. Amongst others: “Long may he live”, an ode to André Rieu!!
At the front page of the local news paper!
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