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Cinema movie “Christmas with André” Maastricht, the MECC, 2019.
November 27, 2021. Piece of Magic Entertainment (Pierre’s company) presents the Cinema Movie: “Christmas with André”. Please enjoy the images of the first Christmas concert in the MECC in Maastricht in 2019. Andr é turned the ugly conference hall into a blinding Winter Palace. This movie will be shown in 2000 cinemas worldwide, but we know that in some countries, for whatever the reason, this movie will not be shown in the cinemas. That’s why we decided to make a compilation, so that all fans around the world can have some idea of what a party the 2019 Christmas concert was. Much to our regret, the outbreak of Covid-19 worldwide forced André and the Johann Strauss Orchestra to postpone/reschedule all concerts during almost two years. So the traditional MECC Christmas concerts, did not take place in 2020 and 2021. The introduction of this movie and the interview at the end, are done by André van Duin. We are sorry that due to the lightning differences, our camera sometimes had problems with focusing. Translation and Technics: Ineke, John, Ruud. Duration of the video: 28 minutes. If you would like to re-experience the 2019 Christmas concert in the MECC in Maastricht, click HERE to go to the report on our website. We hope that, at time, a DVD will be released of this movie.
Photo above, by Jeanette Heijkoop. Anna Majchrzak and the synchronized skaters of team Illumination.
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