Cologne 2015 February 28th, 2015
2015 was the first year that the traditional New Year’s Concert in Cologne (Germany) did not take place on the first and second days of January. Apparently it was too close to the New Year’s Eve celebration with the families at home. We do understand that quite well. The new date was set for February 28. Ruud and Ineke were not in attendance. Elke Freitag sent us photos and Frank Steijns recorded a video clip from the stage in towards the audience. The traditional atmosphere was there again. The Cologne concert is the highlight of the year! Donij van Doorn replaced Mirusia who suffered from the flu. André played a tribute to the German singer Udo Jürgens and the Berlin Comedian Harmonists were present as guest performers.
Fans: Elke and Nino, Anna and Joe, Hanne.
Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany. Click HERE for the Cologne concert in 2014.
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