Maastricht 2016 Carmen Monarcha’s Signing session and new CD
Carmen Monarcha: Signing session and her new CD ‘Amore’ On Saturday July 16th, Carmen Monarcha surprised us with a spontaneous CD/DVD signing session in the lobby of the DuCasque Hotel. Watch the video below for an impression of this event. During this session and during the Fan Dinner, Carmen spoke about her new CD ‘Amore’ which is scheduled for release toward the end of November 2016. Scroll down to see how to order her new CD.
Carmen’s new CD ‘Amore’ Carmen is working on a new CD. This CD will be available at the end of November 2016. Since creating a CD is a costly affair, this CD is being produced in the form of a Kick start or Crowd funding project. You buy the CD now and it will be shipped later.
If you are interested in purchasing this CD, please follow the steps below to guide you through the Portuguese pages of Kickante, the kick start project. 1. Select the package you desire: Option 1: Download only + thanks on social media     (R25 / ±€7 / ±$8) Option 2: Download + signed CD + thanks on social media     (R55 / ±€15 / ±$17), please add R10 for shipping cost. Option 3: Download, 2 signed CD’s, wedding picture + thanks on social media     (R110 / ±€30 / ±$36), please add R15 for shipping cost. Option 4: Download + 2 signed CD’s + teaser wedding video + thanks on social media     (R110 / ±€30 / ±$36), please add R15 for shipping cost. Option 6: Download + 2 signed CD’s + 2017 calendar + thanks on social media     (R140 / ±€37 / ±$43), includes shipping. There are many more options, including wedding sweets all the way up to an afternoon tea with Carmen and Octavio. If you are interested, please use Google translate for the details. 2. Click HERE to open the Kickante page. Scroll down to the English section of this page (then to ‘How to Contribute’) and follow the instructions to guide you through the Portuguese screens. Note: Initially you will not see the PayPal option at the payment selection screen, but please click “Outside of Brasil? Click here! (Pay with PayPal)” in light green text to show the Paypal option.
Would you like to know why Carmen is kneeling down to sing “Oh Mio Babbino Caro” to the Dutch fan Joke Breedijk? Because Joke plays “André” in the Dutch “Golden Oldies at Full Speed” mime orchestra. Click HERE to see more of this Rieu entertainment group.
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