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Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II 1926 - 2022.
From “De Telegraaf”, September 9th 2022. Mary Reynolds The 89 year old Mary Reynolds, is stepping down as a Queen Elizabeth's lookalike, who at the age of 96 passed away last Thursday. This lady told the BBC that she is giving up her special side job after 34 years 'out of respect' for the queen. Reynolds started working as a lookalike of the Queen in 1988, but starting at the age of 17 she was regularly told that she looked like Elizabeth. “An honor”, she said on Saturday. "It was a great privilege to look like her, because I think she is incredible." Although the decision to quit makes her "very sad", she will keep the outfits she wore as Elizabeth. She will wear them at times when she has something "special", she says. Mrs. Reynolds and the Queen have never met in person, but the lookalike has as her image been regularly in the neighborhood, she says. “I was at the Mall when she got married, and I was just outside the Mall for her coronation. At night I slept with my boyfriend in tents along the road. We became very wet but were very lucky because one of the buildings there had a radio, so we actually heard the entire service.” Mary Reynolds, during her career as a lookalike, has appeared regularly in films and on television. A performance alongside the now deceased Roger Moore in the comedy “Bullseye” was one of the highlights.
Royal Variety Performance in Blackpool, UK, 2009. She said: Beautiful melodies…
In 2016 André Rieu composed the Windsor Waltz for her and created a hilarious video clip with Mrs. Reynolds as Queen Elizabeth II. To watch it on our website click HERE.
September 8, 2022: Buckingham Palace announced in a statement: Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at her home in Balmoral, Scotland, on September 8, 2022,
HM Queen Elizabeth II. 1926 - 2022. The end of an era. She passed away in her beloved holiday palace: Balmoral Palace (Ballater) in Scotland. She loved horses and dogs (Corgis). May she Rest In Peace.
Balmoral Palace in Scotland, where she had several white highland ponys.
Tribute by André Rieu.
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