Maastricht 2018 The Concert
First half
Second half
Special guests were two gentlemen named Rafael Ruiz and Antonio Romero Monge (Los del Rio), who had a hit in 1996: the Macarena. Another surprise this year was that André’s younger brother Robert played the cello in the orchestra.
Group photo of Harmony Parlor fans who attended the July 7 concert.
The July 12 concert.
the July 13 concert
the July 14 concert
the July 15 concert
the July 19 concert
the July 20 concert
the July 21 concert
the July 22 (last) concert.
August 2, 2018: Frank Steijns shared our video clip of Sister Leona on his Facebook timeline. This is the comment he wrote: “The visit of the oldest fan (Sister Leona): this was my absolute highlight of the Vrijthof concerts 2018! André and I visit Sister Leona on each birthday. My father used to play the organ in their chapel for decades and my sister (not Sister) worked there, so I know each Sister of the nunnery 'Onder de Bogen' already for decades. Very, very, emotional to see brave, little, strong, enthusiastic 104-year old Sister Leona come to the concert and dance with André”.
It was a surprise for us to see Sister Leona again. And we felt honored that Frank shared our video. Below a photo impression of the concert and the Harmony Parlor fan-friends.
Thanks once again to Michel Fizzano for creating these images, being behind the scenes and making a live selection of all available camera images.
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