Night of the Proms September 25th, 2015 / October 7th 2017
On September 25th 2015 Laura Engel, Mirusia Louwerse, Roger and Romano Diederen performed with brass band St. Caecilia from Schinnen (Limburg). Below a review by Jacqui Schultz (SA/UK) and a videoclip by Paul Dreuning (NL).
Laura and Mirusia singing “Barcarole”.
With Martine Wijers at the rehearsals
The Last Night of the Proms On Friday evening September 25th I had the good fortune of attending a concert: “The Last Night of The Proms” in Geleen, Netherlands, of Mirusia and Laura.   It was very exciting to be there. The different orchestras were outstanding, especially the youth orchestra. The interaction with the audience was great, clapping and singing along. The vibe was fantastic and everyone was enjoying themselves. Mirusia being Mirusia, dedicated “Memory” to the refugees. Putting it in that perspective, moved me deeply. Laura and Mirusia sang “For Good” (from Wicked) which was special. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to have such a wonderful evening. I floated home…. Jacqui Schultz.
Thank you Paul and Jacqui for your cooperation to share this great performance with fans across the world.
July 2017: Brassband St. Caecilia Schinnen presents: Another “Night of the Proms! This time with Suzan Seegers and Donij van Doorn, on Saturday October 7th 2017, Hanenhof in Geleen (Limburg). Hall is open at 7.30 PM, concert starts at 8 PM. Tickets: € 12,50.
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