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July 12th 2017. En-Canto concert. In theater La Bonbonniere, Maastricht. Laura Engel, Roger Diederen and the En-Canto band.
VIP dinner in the white room of the Bonbonniere theater.
July 2017: Laura Engel presents the live satellite streaming in the cinemas for André Rieu in the Spanish language.
In 2018, Laura Engel performed three concerts with Christina Petrou, soprano, and Bob Heuvelmans harp. Click HERE to read a report of the “Divas in concert”.
September 16, 2018. Laura Engel is currently on tour with André Rieu in the USA and Canada. She announced her pregnancy on Instagram. Laura and her partner Pascal Mestrom are very happy!!! The arrival of their baby boy is expected at the end of January 2019. Congratulations Laura and Pascal!!
Laura and Pascal married in the beautiful town hall of Maastricht.
On February 8th 2019, their baby boy was born. MATEO, welcome to the world. Congratulations Laura and Pascal.
June 21st 2020, Father’s Day. Laura on Facebook: Mirusia and I wanted to do something special for our wonderful husbands and great fathers. What can we do better then honor them with a song?!?! It’s called “Fallen”, written by Lauren Wood and arranged by Graeme Press. A very special song, with a very special friend for very special people... made with love.
June 21, 2020. It is so nice to see that our beloved sopranos from the Johann Strauss Orchestra can get along so well together, even when they started their own career and don’t join André anymore. They follow each other and stay friends forever. Here a picture from Laura’s home: Mateo (and his parents) watching Carla Maffioletti’s online concert. Click HERE.
June 23, 2020. Our next Instagram Live chat is on Tuesday the 23rd of June at 7:30 pm AEST, 11.30 am CEST time. Laura Engel, Dutch/Chilean soprano, and Mirusia Louwerse (Australian/Dutch soprano) will be chatting about their wonderful friendship that spans 13 years! They met when touring with André Rieu and they can’t wait to share some of their funny and crazy stories with the fans right here on Instagram Live. Any questions? Ask us right here in the comments box!
During the months June and July 2020 Mirusia (in Australia) spoke with Laura Engel, Carla Maffioletti and Frank Steijns in the Netherlands, on Instagram Live. Their stories about the Rieu experiences behind the scenes while touring together, are hilarious. Enjoy! If you missed them, please click HERE.
On July 13, 2020, we had a get together with Laura, Pascal and Mateo in Maastricht. Mateo accepted us immediately as uncle and auntie!!
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