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Second Solo Tour: My favorite things.
“Privé” interview, October 2014. Translated by Ineke, edited by Entia. André Rieu's muse is getting married. Mirusia: Youri will be the father of my children. The Australian-Dutch soprano, Mirusia Louwerse (29), has been performing with André Rieu in his concerts for the past seven years. The King of the Waltz has been enchanted by her voice and her personality for many years. But he is not the only man who has been impressed by the singer. Meanwhile, the love of her life, Youri, has gone on his bended knee and the preparations for the most beautiful day of her life are in progress. "I am still looking for a nice wedding location in the Netherlands....."
Where and how did you get to know Youri? We met during a concert of André Rieu, but the spark ignited at the Coronation Concert last year. As things stand now, we'll marry in 2016 due to my busy schedule. Do you have a baby wish? Of course we have a baby wish. But we are still young, so we'll wait until we are married. Youri will definitely be the father of my children. At the moment we are just focusing on my career. How did you get to join André Rieu? My aunt sent him an e-mail in which she mentioned that she had a niece in Australia, a good singer, who should fit in well in his concerts. Within an hour after having read the mail, he called me at home in Australia. My father answered the phone and thought it was a joke. André requested me to come to Maastricht to audition the following day, but because I live in Brisbane, it took a day longer. We clicked immediately; even before I started singing. And now, seven years later, I'll rejoin him on tour for another year. What can we expect from you in the near future? At this moment I am touring through the Netherlands with my concert series, "My Favorite Things". My new album with the same title will be released in November 2014. I intend to release another studio album in 2015, as well as a DVD. I also have many ideas for another tour in 2016.
Mirusia’s second solo tour: “My Favorite Things”. In September and October 2014 Mirusia performed 11 concerts throughout the Netherlands. Below a video with an impression of this concert, recorded by Ruud in Maastricht and Delft.
Interested in the new CD “My Favorite Things”? The CD of this new album will be released on November 7th, 2014. To reserve a copy, please click on this link: https://mirusia.luondo.nl/en . The CD, signed by Mirusia will cost of €15 (approx. $19) Shipping will be done worldwide (above price exclude shipping costs). There will be no DVD available of this concert tour. For more information: go to www.mirusia.net.
To promote this tour, Mirusia made a small promo video. Not just one, but personalized messages for each theatre/city… These are the ones for the Theatre on the Vrijthof in Maastricht, the first concert, and the one in Delft, the 8th concert of the tour.
On tour through the Netherlands with “My favorite things”. Photo: posted by Mirusia on Twitter.
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