Bahrain concert February 23, 2024.
André’s backdrop shows the Manama skyline in the flag of Bahrain.
Impression of the concert. Video by Ruud and Ineke. Duration: 28 minutes.
André and his orchestra were invited to meet King Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa of Bahrain, and share a meal with him. Credits: Alayam newspaper
Hey, who took this picture that we were on?? No idea!
Of course we did some sightseeing. Here we visited the mosque Al Fateh in Bahrain’s capital Manama. The black “Abaya” is manditory for ladies. Men can enter with short sleeves.
In the Al Dana open air amphitheatre.
Radetzky March
Our rental car
Remains of a historic Portugese fortress
Interesting architecture (Picture left: 3 windmills in between the buildings)
Visiting a camel farm
Camel’s first selfie, by an American who joined our “Visit Bahrain desert tour.
The playlist of the Bahrain concert: 76 Trombones Granada, Ob Blond ob Braun (tenors) Nessun Dorma (tenors) the Little Bell, Circus Renz (Falize family) Voila, Heal the world (Emma Kok) White horse Inn medley Think of me (Anna Majchrzak) Never on Sunday (Christina Petrou) Nitsch Jaka, Those were the days (Anna Reker) España Cañi (Bull song) Vilja Song Blue Danube Sirtaki, Zorba the Greek (Dimakis Panos and Charis Laurijsen on the bouzouki.) Hallelujah Radetzky March Libiamo Tutti Frutti I will survive, Life is Life (Dorona Alberti) Bahrain songs: Shuwaiekh and Tabeen Ayni, (Faisal Al Ansari). Adieu Marina
Picture left: the flame of peace in the National Museum.
In the afternoon we joined the “Visit Bahrain desert tour”.
to the souk of Manama.
the first oil well from 1932.
The 400 years old tree, which survived in this very dry climate in the desert, is a real miracle.
Delmon Pottery Factory
more oil in the desert,