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In July 2017 we enjoyed a series of 10 concerts on the Vrijthof in Maastricht, between July 6 and 23. Click HERE. Dress rehearsal on July 5th, click HERE. Fan dinner on July 7th, click HERE. Three fan picnics on July 8,15 and 22, click HERE. Other Fan events, click HERE.
August 29, 2017. Official Classic FM Chart reveals the biggest selling international classical artist of the last 25 years in the UK: André Rieu! André thanked the “incredible” support from the British public, adding: “I could not ask for more enthusiastic and loyal fans and every step of the way Classic FM and its listeners have been with me. I’m thrilled and honored to be the number one international classical artist. Thank you and keep waltzing Britain!”
September 1st 2017. NDR (German TV broadcast): Tietjen and Bommes. At the beginning of 2018 André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra will tour Germany again. Bettina Tietjen and Alexander Bommes invited André as a guest in their program. Click on the picture to watch the program.
Sunday, September 10th, 2017. For the second year in a row the Maastrichts Salon Orchestra will be the closing act of the PARCOURS- Festival (Opening of the Cultural Season). Theaters, museums and other cultural institutions give a taste of their programs for the coming season. At various stages in Maastricht, amateurs and professionals will give sparkling performances and organize a variety of activities. The MSO performs at the historic inner harbour of Maastricht: ‘t Bassin. At 6 PM. Entrance is free.
September 18, 2017. ARD (German TV) item in “Brisant”. Katharina von Tschurtschenthaler visited André Rieu in his castle “De Torentjes” (the Turrets) in Maastricht. André shows the new cloister in his backyard. Click on the picture.
September 18, 2017. Dutch TV program “Helemaal het einde”. A few years ago the Dutch Pos- family (Ilona, Stephan and 2 children) decided to leave the Netherlands to start a new life making wine at the Chilean countryside. They attended André’s concert in Santiago de Chile. Click on the picture.
October 1st, 2017. Dear Maestro, Have a wonderful birthday. We wish you many more healthy and succesful years to come. Many of your fans will celebrate your 68th birthday at home, across the world, with a nice glass of red wine, listening to your beautiful and uplifting music.
Sept. 23, 2017: André had to postpone five sold-out concerts in Mexico City, due to the aftermath of the earthquakes. He announced to destine the proceeds of his newest album to the Mexican earthquake victims. Click on the picture to the left.
Sept. 20, 2017. Daytime is a show from NBC, Tampa Bay, Florida. We recognized Al Girard (from Canada) and Krystyna Garcia (Brasil) being interviewed in Maastricht July 2017. Click on the picture to the right.
Sept. 28, 2017. Sunday Night, radio interview. The Australian presenter Kerri-Anne Kennerley interviews André Rieu in his castle in the Netherlands. André talks candidly about his childhood, his family and his music. It’s a radio interview, so no live images. Duration: 33 minutes. Click on the picture.
October 2nd 2017. A live audio registration of a very old sketch by André and the JSO. André tells the fairy Tale Story of Snow White. A Golden Oldie from 1996. Margreeth van der Veen created a very funny video and she gave us permission to post it on our website under the “Golden Oldies”. Click on the picture.
October 2nd 2017: Live streaming of Questions and Answers for the “Shall we dance” fans. André Rieu answers questions from fans, posted on his Face book page. “Shall we dance” is the title of his new album, to be released in the USA in October 2017. Click on the picture.
October 29th, 2017. André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra tour the USA in October and November 2017. Here a report of the concerts on the West Coast. In November they’ll tour Florida. Click on the picture.
October 16, 2017. To promote his UK tour in December 2017, André Rieu gave a Radio Interview to Pete Price of the British Radio City 2 and Radio City Talk. Click on the picture.
November 18, 2017: In January 2018 André Rieu will tour Germany. Markus Lanz (German ZDF channel) invited André Rieu to be his guest in his talk show. Click on the picture.
November 16, 2017: To promote his German tour André was one of the guests in Kölner Treff. Hostess: Bettina Böttinger. Click on the picture.
Released: November 24, 2017: AMORE. Natasha’s Waltz: when my wife Marjorie was pregnant with our second baby, we saw the world famous movie: “War and Peace”. One of the main roles, played by Henri Fonda, was the very sympathetic Pierre, who cannot understand why people have to make war. Suddenly both of us knew the name for our new baby: Pierre! So funnily enough Pierre was named after Henri Fonda! And then some time ago our eldest son Marc, who is a great admirer of film scores, suggested I play the beautiful Natasha’s Waltz from this movie.
Highland Cathedral: This year we celebrate our 30 years of the Joh. Strauss Orchestra. For three decades we’ve been making music and traveling the whole world together like one big family. We share our thoughts and feelings, the happy as well as the sad ones. Sixteen years ago our clarinettist Manoe Konings became very ill, she had breast cancer. Her will to survive and to continue making music together with all of us gave her the courage and strength to overcome this illness. The magnificent song “Highland Cathedral” in which Manoe plays the solo bagpipe, is a tribute to my orchestra and the love we all feel for one another.
November 26, 2017. Life Radio Interview with André Rieu by Alex Belfield, Celebrity Radio, UK. Click on the picture
November 18, 2017 WRD 5 German Radio Interview Tisch Gespräch (Table talk). Interviewer: Gisela Steinhauer. Click on the picture and scroll down the page..
December 2, 2017 On ARD, German TV: The Advent Party of 100.000 lights. Host: Florian Silbereisen. Click on the picture.
December 24, 2017. German TV channel ZDF. It is an annual tradition: André Rieu is a guest in the Carmen Nebel show on Christmas Eve. Click on the picture to watch this performance.
December 28, 2017. Two record companies arranged a meeting in André’s castle in Maastricht, between two top salesmen of Christmas albums, who had never met before: Andr é Rieu and the Belgian singer Frank Michael. Click on the picture to watch the interview.
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