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Fan Picnics 2022. An Impression
This is what the fan picnic place in the City Park currently looks like
In 2019 the ancient historic city wall collapsed. Also the bastion “Five Heads” was not safe anymore.
Fans picnics / get-togethers will be held every Saturday of the July concert days between 12 and 1.30 pm, in the Maastricht City Park, see map. Please bring your own food and drinks and to wear a name tag would be nice.
First fan picnic on Saturday July 9th 2022: 45 fans. From the UK, USA, Australia,Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Malta, Brazil, Denmark and Sweden. We counted about 45 fans in total.
Second fan picnic on Saturday July 16, 2022: 25 fans
Group photo of the third fan picnic on Saturday, July 23rd 2022.
Where are the new fans?? How is it possible that they cannot (yet?) find us?
Fourth fan picnic on Saturday July 30th 2022. Ruud and Ineke had already returned home. Julia and Kathy stayed all four weeks and were willing to replace us.
Julia’s report: Today was the fourth advertised fan picnic in the park in Maastricht. As Ineke and Ruud had already gone home, Kathy and Julia volunteered to go to the park on their behalf and were very pleased to meet with Hanka from the Czech Republic. They enjoyed looking at photos together and speaking via google translate types onto a mobile phone, as they did not share a common language! Yet again, a love of André and his music crosses borders and needs no spoken words!
How funny, to “talk” via google!! Thanks Kathy and Julia!
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