2006: Josti band
Wim Brussen leaves Josti band: 2006. The Josti band started in 1966 as an orchestra of mentally disabled people from the Johannes (JO) Stichting (STI)  (= institution) in Nieuwveen (= town in the Netherlands). The orchestra consists of 200 members. During all those years, they confirmed their integration in Dutch society. In 2002 they gave an Orange Concert in presence of Queen Beatrix of Holland in Ahoy (= big concert hall in Rotterdam). In 2000 they visited Canada for a successful Christmas concert. In 2006, the founder of this band: Wim Brussen, took leave of the band, after 40 years. His biggest wish was to play together with a big renowned orchestra. Jos Brink presents the show, in which Wim's wish will come true.
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