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Corona virus (COVID-19) August 2020 - February 27, 2022 (page 3)
August 4, 2020. Corona campaign Limburg. “It's good that you follow the rules”, that is the message of the new campaign of the South Limburg Safety Region, in which André Rieu is the first known citizen of Limburg to cooperate.
August 7, 2020. Article in “Algemeen Dagblad” Dutch newspaper. Very interesting. Read the full article in the Harmony Parlor Blogspot. Click on the picture.
August 12, 2020: The sopranos Christina Petrou, Madieke Marjon and Joline Soomers are giving small corona proof concerts in care centers and open air terraces with the name “VerrasSing”. We see them here perform at “D’n Hiemel” in Maastricht and Agnes Fizzano takes care of the sound.
The fans who have been to Maastricht know where this is: Close to the Father Vink tower.
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August 22, 2020. Click HERE (or on the picture) to read an article from the “Telegraaf”: (Dutch newspaper). RIEU’S MAASTRICHT. posted at the Harmony Parlor blogspot.
August 20, 2020. In Dutch cinemas: the movie “Magical Maastricht” with an emotional introduction of all the members of the Johann Strauss Orchestra wishing him well, to keep up the spirits in this crazy time of the corona pandemic. The interviewer and commentator André van Duin makes André laugh with his self created face mask. Photo credits: Jeanette Heijkoop.
September 29 2020. From a Belgian paper: Madieke Marjon Schoots. GLO-ART is an art exhibition in Lanaken, Belgium, just across the Maastricht border. On September 28th 2020 Madieke Marjon Schoots (mezzo soprano) and Linda Scherp (international dancer) performed a show at GLO-ART. About Madieke: When Madieke saw her first musical as a six-year-old girl, she already knew for sure: "I want to be a singer." No wonder she chose to study singing at the conservatory. With her warm, powerful mezzo-soprano voice she has since sung roles in countless operas. For several years now she has also been singing with André Rieu's Johann Strauss Orchestra, where, in addition to the opera, she can once again indulge her passion for musical and theater. Wherever Madieke is in the world, she always finds out if there is a yoga school somewhere to practice her other great passion. About Linda Scherp: She is a professional dancer who already performed many international shows. Photo: Edgard Bronckaers/EB Media.
October 8, 2020. “The Maastricht Edition”. Interview with Christina Petrou, soprano. “The Maastricht Edition” is a magazine radio and internet show, focusing on international and expat interests and issues in the Maastricht region. This week in the limelight: Christina Petrou! Duration of the video: 17 minutes.
September 2020. André posted photos on his Facebook account. The fans feel happy that he is still looking so good during this difficult time. “Haw pin”, André, you are a survivor.
November 2020. COVID-19 is still going on. Big events, like André’s concerts are still forbidden. What are the orchestra members and André doing in the meantime?? André released a CD with Bonus DVD: Jolly Holiday and Pierre surprised him with a cake. One of their companies: “Piece of Steel” launched the idea to erect big metal Christmas trees out of their stored scaffolding, for malls of companies. Click HERE to read the article from a Dutch newspaper, in the Harmony Parlor. On Instagram we found pictures of forest-walks and biking tours. But their biggest wish is to perform again and travel the world. That is also the biggest wish of the fans! Stay safe and keep healthy.
Donij van Doorn
Bela Mavrak
Catherina and Carmen
Serge Bosch
Virgenie Henket
Martine Wijers
Joline Soomers
Roger Diederen and his wife
André with cake.
December 20, 2020. VerrasSing (Madieke, Christina, Joline) sing Christmas carols for Evida St. Gerlachus in Maastricht.
December 23, 2020. The lovely ladies of VerrasSING will give a great concert on Facebook Live on Christmas Eve (Dec.24, 2020) at 07:00 PM. Dutch time. You can purchase a ticket on: 250108123160 This concert will be full of holiday cheer, and familiar songs to sing- along and listen to.
December 24, 2020. YouTube. Have yourself a merry little Christmas. with Joline Soomers, Rob Mennen, Sanne Mestrom. More on Sanne’s own page on this website. Click on the picture.
January 1st, 2021. Happy New Year! cLockdown concert. Frank and Madieke from the tower of the St. Martin’s church in Weert. Click on the picture.
March 2021 Corona Covid-9 restrictions are still being extended in the Netherlands. That means that the virus is spreading over the world for over a year now. Only recently they largely started the vaccinations in the Netherlands. It means that we are still living in isolation, wearing mouth/nose masks all the time, keep at 1,5 distance, washing hands all the time, only supermarkets are open, no shops, restaurants, cafés, terraces, theaters. cinemas. No big events expected to be allowed in 2021. It must be a nightmare for André. We are surprised to see the photo he posted in March 2021 on his Facebook account. We feel happy that he is looking so well after this disaster for him. Pierre had a radio interview on L1 Radio, and the Limburg paper published a resume. Click HERE to read the resume in the Harmony Parlor blogspot, by Sue Berry and John de Jong.
April 21, 2021. André supports the government’s vaccination campaign. RTL Boulevard (Dutch TV) showed an item in which André promoted the government’s vaccination campaign. Among other well-known Dutch artists, he was the first to say: “I roll up my sleeve”. You too?” Click HERE to watch the video on this website.
June 5th 2021. Relaxation of the corona restrictions. On June 5th 2021 the Dutch government relaxed the corona restrictions and Andr é was allowed to be in the studio with 50 persons of the orchestra, to record the new CD with the appropriate name “Happy Together”. He started immediately on Monday June 7th. Watch the interview on the Dutch TV channel NPO 1 of June 4th. Name of the program: OP 1. Click HERE. André is reunited with his orchestra after 15 months and playing again. Have we left the pandemic behind us?? We hope so!!
June 10, 2021. Government’s announcement: Covid restrictions are lifted per July 1st 2021. The Netherlands are lifting the Covid restrictions as from July 1st 2021, and the expectations are that the world will follow soon. Below is André’s gorgeous reaction. To read more, click HERE.
November 15, 2021. Again restrictions due to corona. Concerts postponed again! All tour dates in October, November and also the December 2021 Christmas concerts in the MECC in Maastricht have been rescheduled. Watch a sad André and click HERE.
November 30, 2021. Back on Tour!! After a corona break of 20 months, André and his group is happy together on track again, for the first four concerts in Lisbon, Portugal. December, 1,2,3,4, 2021.
Will the Corona be gone for ever now?? Slowly the world is opening again after two corona years. From February 27th 2022 The Netherlands lifted all restrictions. We hope André can continue his concert tour 2022 now to the USA, Germany and of course the July Maastricht concerts!! After the first four Lisbon concerts in December 2021, two concerts in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) followed in February 2022. The audience still had to wear face masks. We hope André can continue his 2022 concert tour now to the USA, Germany and of course the July Maastricht concerts!!
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