2000: BZN meets André Rieu
Every now and then we find a precious Golden Oldie on YouTube. This one was brought to our attention by Alta Knell from South Africa. BZN meets André Rieu. BZN was Holland's most successful band ever and existed from 1966-2007. The video is from a Dutch TV program, broadcast by the TROS in 2000.
BZN (Band Zonder Naam = Band without a Name). Lead singers: Jan Keizer and Carola Smit. (Carola joined the group as from 1984). What a pity that this group disbanded in 2007. We were fans! Translation by Ineke, edited by Entia.
Another one of BZN and André Rieu. Here you see a different side to André. Rocking the violin! This video is from 1995.
Forty years jubilee of BZN: 2006. Entia Shadwell found a third Golden Oldie from BZN and André Rieu, from the year 2006. BZN celebrated their 40th anniversary as a band and André's performance was a big surprise for them. Song: Yeppa, Yeppa, Yeppa, based on an old Austrian song: Zillerthaler Hochzeitmarsch. Translated by Ineke, edited by Entia.
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