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Dedicated André Rieu fans In 2007 we made a selection of hundred pictures for our FIRST FAN PHOTO SHOW. After our visit to the Amsterdam- and Maastricht concerts in 2008, we created a SECOND FAN PHOTO SHOW, again with hundred new pictures!   October 2008, just before André's Australia tour, our THIRD FAN PHOTO SHOW was posted and dominated by Australian fans. After our holiday to Australia, Nov./ December 2008, we created a FOURTH FAN PHOTO SHOW, with more Australian fans. We have met most of them in person. We also added some impressions of the beautiful Australian wildlife. In July 2009 -after the Maastricht concerts- a FIFTH PHOTO SHOW was created, containing the highlights of the concert and many more new fans. In December 2009 we posted our SIXth and SEVENth Fan Photo Shows, with mainly Brazilian, Australian and New Zealand fans. In 2010 we created the EIGHTH and NINTH Fan Photo show, with pictures of South African fans and images of the Mainau concert. During the concerts in Mainau and Maastricht 2010 we saw not only our good old friends, but also a lot of new faces from all over the world. The NINTH photo show is dedicated to all those new fans/friends. Many thanks to all the fans who gave us permission to use their pictures.
The eighth Fan Photo Show, with impressions of the South African concerts and many new South African fans and other fans from all over the world. One of the pieces of music used is Sarie Marais. This song is performed by many people, but this version is sung in Afrikaans language, by Jim Reeves, better known for his country and gospel songs. And the “Lion Song” from the Tokens cannot be missed also... Many thanks to all the persons appearing in this Photo Show for the permission to use their pictures.
Fan Photo Show part 7: Brazilian fans, fans attending the Heidelberg concert and some miscellaneous fans, 2009. For the second piece of music we used "Manja de carnaval" as sung and played by Carla, Carmen and Susan. To see them sing this song, please click HERE to go to the Golden Oldies section, scroll down to the last video, then scroll 25 minutes forward into this video.
Fan photo show part 6: Australian and New Zealand fans. 2009.
Maastricht concert- en fan photo show, part 5, 2009.
Fan Photo Show part 4, 2008, including our Australian holiday impressions
Fan photo show part 3, 2008
Fan photo show part 2, 2008.
Fan photo show part 1, 2007.
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