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Koffietijd (Coffee time) Dutch TV RTL 4, November 19, 2021.
November 19, 2021. André Rieu is a guest on the Dutch TV program: Coffee time, RTL 4. Presenters: Pernille La Lau and Patrick Martens. They introduced the corona “distance-waltz”. Translation by Ineke/John, technics by Ruud.
The funny thing is: we noticed that RTL 4 used part of our video with English subtitles, which they indicated as: “Source: Archive images of Koffietijd, December 20, 2010”. We checked our website and almost 11 years ago we indeed posted the entire “Coffee time” program with Pernille La Lau and Loretta Schrijver at André’s castle, in two 26 minute videos. If you like to review those, that was just after André had fallen ill for a 3 month period, click HERE. The videos contain interviews with some orchestra members, Pierre and Marc, and the then new mayor Onno Hoes. Also very funny was that André and Pierre selected Ineke’s Maastricht photo. She won a bicycle. You can see that at the end of the second video.
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