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January 3, 2017. Rehearsal for the New Year’s Concert in the Ziggo Dome. André and the JSO celebrate that they make music together for 30 years. Click on the picture.
January 7, 2017. New Year’s Concert in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Click on the picture to watch some videos and read a report.
January 2017. New roadsoap from the UK. Four episodes. Click on the picture. Photo: Sally Hodges.
February 2017. Semper Opera Ball in Dresden, Germany. Click on the picture.
January 29, 2017. Jerome Slakhorst was elected as Carnival Prince Jerome the First of Maastricht 2017. This means that his wife, violinist Linda Custers will be the Carnival Princess of the year. On the picture (by Laurens Bouvrie): Jerome, Linda and the twins Nora and Cato. Click on the picture.
February 9, 2017. André announces the start of a new tour through the USA. He’ll perform in Tampa, Orlando and Sunrise (Florida) in November 2017. Tickets go on sale today http://www.andrerieu.com/nl/calen dar/alle-evenementen
Valentine’s day February 14th 2017. Click on the picture above for André’s video.
February 26, 2017. The mayor of Maastricht, Annemarie Penn-te Strake, on "official" duty. During the ceremony she transfers her powers by handing over the key to the city to Prince Jerome the 1st, for the remainder of the Carnival days and festivities. Part of the ceremony is her promoting the city of Maastricht. She performs a hilarious speech with a spoof of and addressed to Donald Trump, president of the USA. Have fun! We love this Limburg humor and self-mockery! Click on the picture to watch the video, created by RTV Maastricht. (Scroll down the page).
February 2017: New Maastricht city walk by the tourist office of Maastricht and five artisan bakeries: the Vlaai (pastry) - route. Click on the picture to go to our Maastricht city-walks page and scroll down. By chance the goosberry merengue vlaai is our favorite too!!
March 8th 2017 On Monday July 10, 2017 a world premier will take place on the Vrijthof Square, thanks to André Rieu who made his stage and equipment available. The Zuid-Nederland Philharmonic will play live on stage while the audience simultaneously can watch the entire film WEST SIDE STORY on the big screens. Click HERE to read the article from Chapeau Magazine in the Harmony Parlor. Click on the following link to purchase tickets http://www.theateraanhetvrijthof.nl/voorstellingen/2017/07/west-side-story- film-live-orchestra/
March 2017. Golden Oldie from 1985!! The oldest of our golden oldies!! André Rieu and the Maastricht Salon Orchestra in a German TV program by WDR, from 1985. The Spirit of Maastricht shows us around in above and below Maastricht. Thanks to Jean and Marie-Jeanne Raemaekers- Huinck. Click on the picture.
March 2017. Marie-Jeanne Huinck allowed us to share her behind the scenes experiences about the Venetian Carnival Revelers who increased the Italian atmosphere during the 2014 Vrijthof concerts. Click on the picture to go to the Harmony Parlor. The report can also be found under Previous items: Maastricht concerts 2014, or click HERE.
March 25, 2017. Carla Maffioletti’s concert ”A Dream”, in Maastricht. and an interview by Limburg TV L1. Click on the picture.
March 20, 2017. Article in the Limburg paper by Marjorie Rieu- Kochmann, titled: “Refugee brought André Rieu success”. Marjorie pleads for the acceptance of refugees in our country, by telling the story of her father. Click on the picture to go to the Harmony Parlor to read the article.
March 29, 2017: Will you be in Maastricht on July 12th? Laura Engel, soprano, announces her new concert “En-canto”on Wednesday July 12, 2017, in theater La Bonbonnière in Maastricht. More information will follow soon. Click on the picture to watch her video.
On April 1st 2017 Carmen Monarcha released her new CD “AMORE” at a cultural bookstore in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Click on the picture to see some photos and watch a video in which Carmen is singing a duet with Murusia Louwerse: “You raise me up”.
April 9th 2017. Mirusia’s concert tour “From the heart” as seen in Rijswijk, NL. Click on the picture to watch a video impression.
March 10, 2017. On March 19, 2017, Agnes Fizzano-Walter, opens her little shop in an indoor market at the Jodenstraat 32 (next to the Tourist Office) in Maastricht. We wish her lots of success!! Click on the picture to go to Aga’s page.
May 2017. Nice long double interview with André Rieu and Jo Cortenraedt in Chapeau Magazine. Click on the picture to read it at the Harmony Parlor.
May 2017. On May 12th 2017 it was exactly 100 years ago that André Rieu senior was born (1917 - 1992). In the newspaper “The Limburger” an article appeared about the “real” André Rieu”. He passed away in 1992. Barely two years later his son broke through. Where Junior shines the light genre, senior was superior in the serious classical level. Click on the picture to read the article in the Harmony Parlor.
In 2004,TROS TV broadcast a program / series: ”Portrait of a Passion”. One day it was about André Rieu’s passion. A very nice interview and we are proud to add it to our website (in May 2017), thanks to Rianne Wegter. Click on the picture.
June 7th 2017. Steve Wright in the Afternoon Radio interview BBC2. André: “I used to enjoy watching the Last Night of the Proms as a boy”. Click on the picture to hear the interview.
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