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Pierre Kartner (Father Abraham) passed away on November 8, 2022 (age 87)
November 11, 2022. In Memoriam: Pierre Kartner, 87. NL. Pierre Kartner (artist name: Father Abraham) passed away on Nov.8th and was privately buried on Nov.11th. His life was completely devoted to music. He was a singer, (formerly) bassist, a lyrics and music writer and producer. He scored his greatest hits with “The Red Rose Café” (1975) and “The Smurf song”(1977). “The Red Rose Café” was recapped more than 250 times by other artists. With “The Smurf Song” he topped the charts worldwide. In addition, he gained fame with a large number of carnival songs.
Pierre Kartner got his idea about the song “Het Kleine Café aan de Haven” in the “Schippershuis”, in the town of Hoorn. André Rieu recorded this world hit in 2002, and with the entire orchestra they met in 2002 in Hoorn to celebrate. To read about the history of the real Red Rose Café in the town on Hoorn, click HERE. In 2012 Pierre Kartner was the guest during the Vrijthof concerts. At that time Maastricht had a lot of smurfs around! He will be missed in the Dutch music world. May he rest in peace.
Group of André fans in Hoorn, 2012.
Group of André fans in Hoorn, 2008.
Café ‘t Schippershuis in Hoorn. November 2022: Latest news: Café ‘t Schippershuis has been sold by the owners Jan and Zwaan Klerk - Homan and will be continued by new operators per January 1st 2023.
The Smurf Song in Maastricht, 2012.
The song “The Red Rose Café”, sung by Father Abraham. Maastricht 2012.
Dutch TV about the real Red Rose Café in Hoorn, Holland.
Second verse: Can you crawl through a water tap? And also through a keyhole? Can you play a recorder? Do smurfs like to dance?
We also found a nice article about the real Red Café on Sonja’s dormant translations website, click HERE.
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