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Flood in Limburg July 15, 2021.
July 15, 2021 Article from “the Telegraph”. André Rieu: I cry for Limburg. Currently the province of Limburg suffers from flooding by some big rivers (Rhine, Meuse, Ruhr). Read the article in the Harmony Parlor blogspot, by clicking on the photo.
In the article from “De Telegraaf”, the interviewer speaks about the earlier flood in Limburg in 1995. We found (thanks to Maria Pereira from Portugal) a video from 1995, when the Netherlands were raising money for those affected and André contributed to the TV program. Watch the video below. Presenter: Linda de Mol.
Below pictures of the floods in July 2021.
If you are interested to see André talking about this 1995 flood in the talk show with Karel van de Graaf, it is in our “Golden Oldies” section, or click HERE. André tells that he could not find his friend and orchestra member Jean Sassen, who lived in a flooded area.
Maas boulevard with the Stiphout ships at the left.
St. Servaas bridge.
July 17, 2021. Dutch TV images about the flood in Limburg. A combined video of RTL Boulevard and Shownieuws. Translation and subtitles by Ineke, John, Ruud. Watch the video below. Do we recognize Sanne Mestrom helping him with the sandwiches in his studio??
Every week, a group of friends help Pierre repair old army vehicles. Now they help a friend in Valkenburg with the damage caused by the water.
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