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Linda’s Winter Guests, SBS 6. Dutch TV. December 26, 2021.
Presenter Linda de Mol receives guests in her TV program “Linda’s Winter Month”. This time, on December 26th 2021, she had André Rieu (72) and Britt Dekker (29) as her guests. Britt is a young TV host, Media personality and film maker. When she was offered to present some TV programs, she did not want to receive a salary, but she preferred to get a horse. That is rather unusual but she got what she wanted. The TV work was a success and in the meantime she has qualified for the Dutch championship with her white horse George. Britt is a lovely person, but we had to cut out most of her interview, since this is an André Rieu fan site! Of course!! And a very long translation!
Duration of the video 40 minutes. Translation and subtitles: Ineke/John. Technics: Ruud. Bravo for Ruud, since it was a big job to reduce a 120 minute program to a 40 minute video, and to keep everything lip-synced.
Britt Dekker and George.
Linda de Mol
SBS 6 had no images of André meeting Queen Elizabeth in Blackpool, UK, but we had!!! 2016. She said to André: “Beautiful melodies”.
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