Lift-Off Percussion and Entertainment December 30th, 2013
On December 30th 2013 Lift-Off gave a concert in the Parkstad Theater of Heerlen, Limburg, the Netherlands. Title of the concert: Music in Motion. We had a wonderful night of entertainment and percussion by Marcel Falize, his three sons and many friends. Among the friends we saw familiar faces: members of the Johann Strauss Orchestra: Franco Vulcano, Ward Vlasveld, Hanneke Roggen, Alina-Lin Merx-Jong, Ruud Merx, Sanne Mestrom, Roger Diederen, Louisa Yalden. For the entire Lift-Off crew, consult their website: . To our surprise we saw Kerstin Cornelis listed as a crew member behind the scenes. On stage there were many surprises and highlights, like: the “Cup Song”, the Merx Family Singers, Sander the air drummer, Hanneke as a singer, Sanne as a singer, Louisa of course also as a singer (she sings in the JSO choir), and Diana Olierook as the lead singer. There was on two occasions a technical glitch in the sound. Marcel had to stop the performance and the equipment needed time to restart. Ruud filled the gap in a charming way with an improvised trombone solo of songs to which people could sing along. And the second time, the percussion group performed an additional drum solo. We thought it was a brilliant solution! Well done!! During the after party Ward Vlasveld performed with his Blues Band. Franco’s wife Marjolein was the solo singer of the band. And the entire audience also participated in singing along the “Happy birthday” song for Ward’s mother Ellie, who celebrated her birthday that night. Ruud made a compilation of the concert. Watch the video below. Translated by Ruud, edited by Entia.
Colin Falize and Zoë Lenssen (guitar).
Alina-Lin, Lisa, Ruud and Oscar Merx
Glenn Falize
Rogier Diederen
Elie, Marjolein and the Blues Band
Lift-Off, percussion and entertainment. Marcel Falize with family and friends. The first performance of their new show "Music in Motion" took place on December 30th 2013 in the Parkstad Theatre in Heerlen. A wonderful night of varied entertainment. Amongst others: The Merx family Singers!
Promo video.  Marcel Falize with family and friends! The new Lift-Off show on December 30, 2013 is called "Music in Motion. To order tickers for the performance in the Parkstad Theatre in Heerlen in Heerlen, Limburg, the Netherlands, please click HERE.
Rehearsing for Lift-Off
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