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Anna Reker’s marriage in 2015 in Bloemendal castle (hotel) in Vaals, Limburg, the Netherlands.
Daughter Elisabeth was born in October 2015.
Anna Reker’s musical biography (Nitsch Jaka) created by JulsR.
Since January 1st 2017 five musicians of André Rieu’s Johann Strauss Orchestra, started a new ensemble, named “The Gracenotes”. Their repertoire is ranging from music of the 18th century to romantic melodies, operetta, musical comedy and a touch of jazz. The unusual compositions require the five members to make new musical arrangements, giving the group a style which is both playful and unique. From left to right: Nadejda Diakoff, Karin Hinze, Anna Reker, Laurianne Thysebaert, Stéphanie Detry.
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This is what André Rieu wrote on his official website to introduce Anna: Anna Reker - Glaser. Anna originally comes from Ukraine and came to Germany aged about 19. At that time her whole life was focused on the catwalk: she was a well-known model and the face of several big brands. But she wanted more for herself than the superficial glamour of a model’s life. She took lessons at the music academy where her high, full soprano voice drew attention. She sings from pop to classical and in my choir she can always be counted on for the highest notes. When we are on tour Anna loves to go to museums, but she also uses the opportunity to spot the latest fashion trends. So for her our international tours are also the ultimate shopping trip! When we are at home Anna prepares young models for the hard life that modelling involves, and supports them through their first steps on the catwalk.
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