Five MECC Christmas concerts on 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 December 2023.
Five Christmas concerts in the big Exhibition hall of the MECC in Maastricht, for an audience of 5 x 12.000. In 2019, just before the corona pandemic shut down the world for about 2 years, André gave his first Christmas concerts in the MECC. He invested a lot of money to transform the bare exhibition hall into a romantic winter palace with an enormous stage, backdrop and two ice rinks. In an adjacent hall a wonderful Christmas village arose, with Santa, a sleigh with reindeers, Christmas trees, snow, lights, brass bands, people dressed in Dickens classics, another icerink, food, drinks and all facilities. In 2022 the amusement bussiness was allowed to perform again and André organized 5 Christmas concerts. In 2023 we loved to enjoy 5 more Christmas concerts with beautiful music, dancers, skaters and Emma Kok as a special guest. We loved the special tribute André paid to the percussion section of his orchestra: the entire Falize family and timpanist Mireille Brepols. Below a video by Ruud, to give you an impression of the concert (duration 30 minutes).
Since this is a fan website, we love to post pictures of the fans we met during the concerts in the MECC. They came from all over the world! It is so easy to talk to people here, even if you don’t know them. Everyone is open and friendly. We saw many people with flags that looked Scandinavian… but not really….. and guess what? They told us they came from Iceland with a group of 80 persons, all with little flags to wave to André when he asks (usually after the break), where the audience comes from. Wow! 80 people from Iceland!!! That is special!
< Two out of 80, from Iceland! John and > Bobbie from the USA, Ineke and Ruud (NL).
< Chrissie Roberts, and her mother, UK.
< Ursula and Johann from Germany. Arletta >, Joanna and Joanna from Poland. < Frank and Sonja from Holland.
< Lesley Ann Windle (UK) and Ineke (NL).
André and Charlotte Hawkins, (English presenter of the cinema movies)
Hanna > Podstawka from Czech Republic and Ineke.
< Linda Oswick (UK), Ruud (NL), and Anna and Joe Brincat (Malta).
Micaëla Oeste with “Vocalise”, and the skaters of Team Illumination.
Traditional Dutch skaters
Anna Majchrzak with “My heart will go on”, title song of the Titanic movie, with brilliant skaters.
2024 Christmas Concerts Tickets for the 2024 Christmas concerts on December 14 and 15, 2024 in the MECC, are on sale now!!
Photo credits: Ruud, Ineke and Marcel van Hoorn.
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