On his way to Australia Roadsoap, five episodes, 2008.
On October 31st, 2008 the Dutch broadcast company TROS showed the first of five new André Road Soap episodes: "André on his way to Australia". Three ladies in traditional Dutch costumes wait for André during his promotional tour in Australia. In this roadsoap you see the preparations for the Australian concert tour. Note: If anyone of you know who these ladies are then please let us know!
Episode 1. as broadcast on Friday October 31, 2008.
Episode 2. as broadcast on Friday November 7, 2008.
Episode 3. as broadcast on Friday November 14, 2008. This video is largely spoken in English with Dutch subtitles. We have left the Dutch subtitles in place, for those who want to learn a bit more of the Dutch language!
Episode 4. Behind the scenes. Reviews of the Australian concerts cannot only been seen in Australia! On Sunday November 16th, the local Limburg TV station L1 aired an impression of the Melbourne concerts. Jo Cortenraedt gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of the concerts. And... Kerstin Cornelis (André's tour manager) brought her two months old baby to Australia!
Episode 5. Schönbrunn Decor. A second surprise comes from the TROS television. They aired the "Making of" the Schönbrunn decor and the premiere concert in Toronto, (December 14, 15, 2007) Canada. We knew of a lot of difficulties in the design and building of this massive decor, but in this program much more problems surface. Duration of the video: 48 minutes.
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