The world of André Rieu Six episodes roadsoap. 2011.
André Rieu travels around the world. We will see exclusive images of the concert that the master violinist gave in the "Sportpaleis" in Antwerp (Belgium). This is Rieu's first concert after his forced absence. The career of André Rieu and his Johan Strauss orchestra has been an endless list of successes for years. This success does not appear out of nowhere as André was struck last year by a virus on his equilibrium. You will be witnessing all those unforeseen and stressful moments in the turbulent life of this violinist who cannot be stopped. A heat wave and a soccer final during the successful concerts in Maastricht require some very creative actions in order for the concerts to continue. When arriving at the flower island of Mainau, where he recorded a special, they found that the flowers were not yet blooming. But it became quickly clear that for every challenge there is a solution. We also travel with his tour partly through the United States. Traveling in their own buses, the United States is kind of a second home for André and the orchestra. In Mexico there are four sold-out concerts without any form of advertisement. Mouth to mouth publicity has done the job. We will see exited fans who cannot stop after the concert has finished. They even continued  outside the gates and sang and danced for a long time. In short, the world is the décor against which André Rieu leads his life and this program allows us a glimpse in the kitchen of this musical master chef. The world of André Rieu, the teaser.
First episode of the new road soap "The world of André Rieu", as broadcast by the TROS in The Netherlands. We will follow André from the first rehearsals after his sick leave until the first concert of November 18th, 2010 in Antwerp (Belgium). See the emotions and tension with André and the orchestra members. And who sent him this drawing? Who can mention the 10 to 13 couples André is talking about? We can make it till ten (see below the video)! Thanks to John again for his corrections in our translation.
Episode 1. as broadcast on Friday February 4, 2011.
Ten to thirteen couples?? That's a lot! For married couples, in Holland we write the man's surname first and the ladies maiden name there after, connected with a -. (Although most married women prefer to use only their maiden name). Let us give it a try: Ruud and Lin Merx-Jong. Ton and Jet Maesen-Gelens. Léon and Lara van Wijk-Meuleman. René and Virgenie Henket-Wetzels. Maurice and Nicolle Verbeek-Steins (Maurice is a light man). Cord Meyer and Judith Luesink. Michel and Agnes Fizzano-Walter (Michel is a camera man). Roos Aerts (stage manager) and Tanja Derwahl. Marcel and Nicole Falize. (Nicole works behind the scenes). That makes nine! Maybe more in the support staff.... We don't know.
In the second episode we look back to the Maastricht 2010 concerts. Holland gets into the finals of the World Championship Soccer. Combined with a heat wave, unusual steps had to be taken. See the never ending flexibility of the André Rieu crew. And will we have an after match concert? See for yourself. Thanks to John again for his corrections in our translation.
Episode 2. as broadcast on Friday February 11, 2011.
 Orangemania! How Holland goes crazy!    A memorable night!
  A room with a view. To our regret Spain won the World Cup!
Episode 3. as broadcast on Friday February 18, 2011. In this third episode of "The World of André Rieu" we will follow André and the JSO during the recording of "Rosen aus dem Süden" on the island Mainau (Germany). An island full of flowers, but in the wrong season... During André's illness the JSO thought they had some time-off. A text message came to have fun at Mainau! Furthermore we will see how orchestra members look and feel at 5 AM in the morning, just before the TV recording of the New York Today show. And André: 20 seconds difference is a huge time difference in TV world. Thanks to John again for his corrections in our translation.
We saw a lot of roses in June! And the fans brought their own flowers! Watch our report of the Mainau concert HERE. (It's under "Previous Items").
The Today Show in New York, on Rockefeller Plaza. The Harmony Parlor was there, with fans like Marilyn, MaryAnn, Dan, Peter, Alice and parents. Can you see them in the docu soap?? André was very lucky: the moment the concert was over, it started to rain! Episode 4. as broadcast on Friday February 25, 2011. The fourth episode starts in South Africa. André visits the HoutBaai music project and decides to invite them to Maastricht. From a small wooden class room to eight performances for 10.000 people! My African Dream is a very emotional song for Kimmy. Furthermore Govert de Roos, a prominent Dutch photographer follows André. Some of these shots have made it to the covers of recent CDs and DVDs. Will Govert get his famous shot of André in Las Vegas? And is it a wise idea to comment on his work? See for yourself. Thanks to John for assisting us in the translation.
On the Theater's balcony: waiting for the concert to start.
Episode 5. as broadcast on Friday March 4, 2011. Mexico City. That's the theme of the fifth episode. Although the people are still crazy after the concert, there were problems before it. Rough handling during transport, damaged a lot of instruments and replacement had to be organized. Here Boris and Tanja inspect a damaged Cello. Again thanks to John for assisting us in the translation.
Pierre inspecting the illegal merchandise on the streets outside the venue. Amazed by the amount of booths filled to the rim with André gadgets. A hint for collectors of André memorabilia: Come to Mexico City (and probably entire South America) to get that once-in-a-lifetime unique piece (or order the legal items in André's webshop).
Episode 6, part 1. Final episode of this road soap. We now will find out who that lady is that André is lifting. The road soap should be called "That's what I do it for", watch the video to find out why. And the Mexican public, is there a more enthusiastic audience in the world? Brazilians, it's now your chance to beat them! After you have watched the videos, there is a little quiz. Join in and you might win a small prize. Again many thanks to John, for the translation marathon of this road soap.
André virtually never asks the people to be silent during a musical piece. What is the name of the piece he wanted the people in Mexico to calm down?
Episode 6, part 2.
Episode 6, part 3.
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