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January 21, 2022. Happy 15th birthday André Rieu movies site! This fan website was started in 2007 as an extension to Sonja’s translation website, especially for video interviews. To read the history of the several fan websites: click on: /Historyfanwebsites.html
January 25, 2022. The Netherlands are lifting some of the Covid measures again. André announced the 15th concert in Maastricht in July 2022. Check his website.
February 1st 2022. From “The Limburger”. André Rieu will be giving free music lessons to Maastricht children who grow up in poverty. Click on the picture to go to the Harmony Parlor blogspot.
January 31, 2022. Comfort/consolation Fairy Danae Borger came up with the idea of “a comfort/consolation fairy” which adorned many windows in Maastricht during the corona time. On Monday she donated a special copy to her idol André Rieu and his orchestra. Click on the picture.
February 14, 2022 André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra started the new year 2022 with two sold out concerts in Madrid and Barcelona (Spain). André Rieu beams with happiness on Valentine's Day in Barcelona!! Click on the picture.
March 11, 2022. The entire month of March André Rieu and his orchestra are touring again the USA and Canada. For a review on Dutch TV “Shownieuws”, click on the picture. We also added a private fan video (thanks Brenda!) and some Facebook photos, posted by André and some orchestra members.
March 24, 2022. André Rieu reschedules his concerts in Tacoma and Vancouver due to Covid-19. André Rieu on Facebook: Dear fans, We have been so excited to tour the United States since the beginning of March 2022 and enjoyed so many wonderful concerts with all of you, our dear fans. Unfortunately now we have very sad news from Portland. Again Covid has put a halt to our tour. More than 20 of our group tested positive. So we are forced to postpone the remaining two concerts. We are so sorry for the fans in Tacoma and Vancouver. Of course the concerts will be rescheduled and tickets will remain valid. We would love to have seen it differently. New dates will be communicated as soon as possible. Thank you for your love and support as always!
April 11, 2022. A foretaste for King's Day (April 27th) The King and Queen offered the people who are involved in the organization of King’s Day a concert. Click on the picture.
March 24, 2022. In the Dutch TV program “Shownieuws” Pierre speaks about how sad they are to finish the North- America tour again, due to Covid-19. Click on the picture to go to the USA-page and scroll down the page.
May 27, 2022. During April and May 2022 André and the JSO toured the UK, Ireland and Germany. We created a page with impressions of the concerts in Glasgow (Scotland), Dublin (Ireland) and Cologne (Germany. Click on the picture of the German popular band: The Höhner, as a surprise in Cologne.
June 2, 2022. VerrasSing (Surprise) in the Chapel. Being in Maastricht for the André Rieu concerts, you could book more concerts! JSO-members Christine Petrou, Madieke Schoots and Joline Soomers, will perform three concerts. For more information click on the picture.
June 21, 2022. Article from The Chapeau: Frank and Madieke: “Always together, with or without André Rieu”. June 13, 2022 Frank Steijns played Klezmer music on the carillon of the St. Agatha Church in the Dutch city of Beverwijk. Click on the picture.
June 27, 2022. Performance of the Maastrichts Salon Orchestra from the Parkstad Theater in Heerlen, with André Rieu as a guest. Host: Henk Hover. Broadcast by Limburg TV: L1. Click on the picture.
June 27, 2022. Breaking news! THE ANDRÉ RIEU FAN DAYS ARE BACK! Oila Concept Store and HashtagMaastricht, together with members of the Johann Strauss Orchestra, organize the "Maastricht André Rieu Fan Days” on Saturdays July 9, 16, 23, and 30, 2022! The time does not interfere with our fanpicnics. Come to Oila Concept Store in the Sporenstraat 9A in the city-center of Maastricht! Expect Meet 'n Greets and live music by the members of the Johann Strauss Orchestra and its sopranos, but also great get-togethers from fans for fans, because André Rieu is back in town with his world-famous Vrijthof concerts, so time to celebrate! More suprises coming up! Stay tuned! DO NOT FORGET TO SHARE THIS MESSAGE TO REACH OTHER FANS!
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