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Mindf*ck. NPO 1. Victor Mids. Dutch TV on October 30, 2021.
Victor Mids is a Dutch illusionist and graduated doctor. He started magic at the age of 4, when he was given a magic box. For the first time he participated a Dutch TV program in 2007. He completed his medical study in 2013, but he does not practice his profession as a doctor. He claims to use his knowledge of the senses and the brain for his illusions. In 2015 he started his program “MindF*ck” with AvroTros Dutch TV, in which he performs tricks and neuropsychological experiments. He also explains how the brain can be influenced. Victor Mids says he does not use actors. On October 30, 2021, he selected André Rieu as one of his “victims”. After the experiment both said that they never wanted to do it again!
André Rieu had his first break through in the Netherlands at the Olympic Stadium (Amsterdam) in 1994 (soccer match) and in 1995 he made his first well known TV commercial with a steam roller. (Since the Dutch word for “steam roller” and “waltz” is the same.) We posted this commercial on our website under “Golden Oldies”, connected with a visit by comedian André van Duin in his character as “Gerard van Bezij” (1996) in the TV program: “At home with……” To watch this very funny interview, click HERE.
Duration of the video: 22 minutes. Translation: Ineke/John, subtitles: Ruud. We have to explain that the Dutch word “wals” is the same word for the dance and music of the Waltz and for a steam roller. In the same way: the Dutch word “noot” (pronounced like “note”) has two meanings. They are the musical notes and second the (cocktail) nuts. That’s why the musical notes disappeared when they had changed into (cocktail) nuts. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
Victor might have been inspired by Govert de Roos’ photo below from 2015 (notice the violin under the tank) and earlier TV recordings as mentioned below.
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