Vrijthof monuments May 2021.
May 27, 2021. Article from the Limburger, by: Joos Philippens Photo credits: The Limburger. Sogecom monumental buildings turn into luxurious care suites. In these luxurious care suites, with butler and private terrace facing the Vrijthof, residents will soon have a view of André Rieu concerts.
Looking at Magic Maastricht and André Rieu!! This should soon be possible from 23 luxury care suites at the Vrijthof in Maastricht. They include butler service and a private terrace on the square. Care centre "Battice Vrijthof" is to be built in two seventeenth-century buildings that are both national monuments. They are located between "the Theater at the Vrijthof" and the Theater Hotel (with Revue terrace). In 2017, La Place (chain of restaurants) had plans with the properties to connect them internally. The Welfare and Monuments Committee opposed this. The Eindhoven “Focus International Real Estate” is now committing to housing "at a very high level," a last place for people who are indeed needing care. "Where better to spend your last years of life than here," says Ruud Jacobs. In addition to the butler service and a private screened terrace on the Vrijthof, residents can count on an atrium, courtyard garden, library and lounge. “Focus”, which previously developed the Looiershof district in Maastricht, has agreements with Valkenburger Jan Huynen about the acquisition of the buildings. The asking price for the two monuments was several million. The Vrijthof is a very expensive place, Jacobs acknowledges, but Focus does have the finances for the 23 luxury care suites. Of course, the care suites fall into the category of "expensive rent." "We really can't name a price yet, it's too early for that." Care costs are financed through the Long- Term Care Act. "Battice Vrijthof" is due to open its doors in the middle of next year providing proceedings are favorable. "There's a principle request from the municipality, which we hope to get certainty about soon," Jacobs said. "We have a 20-year contract with a healthcare provider. It looks very positive." Read more about the new apartments at the article on January 4th 2023: click HERE. Note: The owner of the two national monuments is the Maastricht company “Sogecom”. The private limited company Sogecom Energy Holding B.V. is located at Vrijthof 48 in Maastricht and is active in the Engineering branch and other technical design and advice functions. We noticed that the spelling in the December 2022 article in the Limburger changed from Battice to Bâtisse. Thanks to John de Jong for the translation.
Theater at the Vrijthof. During the concert days in July, André is on the steps in front of the theater 15 minutes prior to the concert. (8.45pm).
On the occasion of the 100th concert at the Vrijthof in 2019, the Maastricht Mayor Mrs. Annemarie Penn-te Strake, presented André with a plaque, which has been placed in the pavement of the Vrijthof square to stay there forever and ever. To read more about the presentation, click HERE. You can find the plaque in the pavement halfway the row of restaurants, on the square opposite to restaurant Luster (earlier: Old Dutch café), Vrijthof 10.
In 2020 a new webcam was installed at the roof window of the new restaurant Luster, Vrijthof 10. It is powered by www.webcam-maastricht.nl and it is the second webcam aimed at the Vrijthof square, after the previous one from Amrath hotel DuCasque.
November 6th 2023. RTV Maastricht. For those who like to follow the goings-on on the Vrijthof. Renovations to the "Kiosk" (Bandstand). Maintenance work on the kiosk on the Vrijthof will begin next month. It has been in poor condition for some time. In November, repair and paint work will start on the panels and risers of the lower part. In spring, the upper part of the kiosk will be painted. Wethouder John Aarts informs that maintenance has already been carried out several times in recent years. The floor has already been replaced once and the lighting repaired. Since 1980, it has been impossible to imagine the Vrijthof without the kiosk. At the time, it was donated to Maastricht by the Rabobank.
The webcam from the Amrath Hotel DuCasque is powered by NetcamViewer. E-mail: Support@NetcamViewer.nl