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Being on tour in the USA in September 2018, Frank Steijns played, among others, the Limburg- and the Maastricht anthem on the carillon in Philadelphia. The instrument consists of only 25 bells and dates back to 1882. It is the oldest in the USA. Frank Steijns played the Maastricht anthem (second video) as the closing of the concert.
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February 2019. February is Carnival time. Below a funny video of Frank Steijns on the bells in the church tower of the town of Weert in Limburg. A carnival group from this town were the backing vocals.
Asten, Father Jacob, are you sleeping? May 26, 2019. All the bells are ringing, ding, dong, ding. Report by Ineke. All the bells are ringing…. was the title of the Bell Festival in the Dutch town of Asten (province North Brabant). Performances of two mobile carillons combined with other musical instruments (like guitar, percussion, Russian traditional instruments, a pipe organ and even a type writer…) took place in and around the Museum "Klok & Peel". The weather was beautiful and we had a lovely afternoon in the Museum, the gardens and the orangery. We learned a lot about well-known monumental bells all over the world, made by one of the three Dutch Bell foundries which are still in existence. One of them is the "Maria" bell in the Notre Dame of Paris, which was spared from the recent fire (May 2019). Coming directly from the André Rieu concert in Salzburg yesterday, Frank Steijns was there to play the bells. Apparently Frank seems to own two mobile carillons: one was here and the other one was on it’s way from Salzburg to Denmark for the next concert series with the Johann Strauss orchestra. Madieke Schoots, soprano with the choir, assisted the organ player by turning the music pages. Ruud and Ineke tried to make the best video, by recording from different angles. Frank together with Arno Kerkhof (pipe organ) played Baroc music. Duration of the video: 28 minutes.
June 2nd, 2019. Preparation and performance on the festive Parade of Giants in Maastricht. Pictures: 1. Frank is preparing the carillon for the parade; 2. City Giant “Gigantius” in front of the Town Hall; 3. Four of the 50 Giant-Guests to celebrate Gieg’s 50th anniversary; 4. Frank playing the bells in the parade, and a short video clip (Thanks to Jean Raemaekers).
On the occasion of the National Festive Day of France, on July 14th, Quartorze Juillet, Bastille Day, at 3 PM, Frank Steijns and singer Gildas Delaporte will perform a bell concert with French songs from the Tower of the Maastricht Townhall. The video below shows the two, practicing the repertoire.
Parade of Giants.
On Saturday July 6, 2019 at 3 PM, Frank Steijns and Martine Wijers performed a carillon and piano concert from the St. Servaes Basilica. Piano concert nr. 23, part II Adagio, composed by W.A. Mozart. A short impression by “Maastricht Bells”, filmed from an unknown treasure in the Maastricht city center: the convent garden of the “Sisters Under the bows” (this is where Sister Leona lives).
On Bastille Day, Quartorze Juillet, Sunday July 14th, 2019, Frank Steijns and Gildas Delaporte (singer) performed a carillon concert with french songs from the Townhall, Market Square, Maastricht.
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