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Metal Christmas Tree December, 2020. Maastricht.
Telegraaf, December 5, 2020. André Rieu donates a 28 meter (90 feet) high "Christmas tree" to Maastricht. Maastricht is preparing for Christmas and has a very special Christmas tree this year. André Rieu has presented a special metal "tree" that is no less than 28 meters high (90 feet)! In addition, 1400 lights will be installed in the construction, tested by André's son Pierre. “We have 1300 tons of scaffolding that are unused in storage,” Pierre said earlier. “We can use them to build large "Christmas trees" and provide them with lots of lights. Think of the transmission tower in Lopik, (Holland) which is set up with lights every December.” Read an earlier article from the Limburger in the Harmony Parlor Blogspot, click HERE. One of those trees was placed in Maastricht last Saturday. The team that normally takes care of André Rieu's sets, decorates the "trees" and then will take them down later.
The tree is located in the district Wyck, between the Saint Martinus Church and the river Meuse, across the Stiphout ships (and the fan dinner ship in July).
Photo credits: RTV Maastricht, Laurens Bouvrie, Annemiek Mommers, and our reporter straight from Maastricht: Han Scheuerman.
Wow! That is a special tree!!!! Bravo André, Pierre and team!
This is the traditional Christmas tree on the Vrijthof square. December 2020.
Limburger, December 2020. A 98 feet high metal Christmas tree adorns the Wyck district side of the Meuse (Maas) in Maastricht. Built from André Rieu's stage materials. The Steel Christmas Tree. Two million kilos (44+ million lbs) of stage material André Rieu has stored in Beek (village in Limburg). Due to corona it just lies there. His son Pierre Rieu with a small working group set to work. “Just to see: how we could still use that? This resulted in all sorts of practical applications, such as a dry-dock. We can build it over your boat. With a crane you can work on it via an aerial platform”. Temporary bridges can also be rented by André Rieu Productions. Enthusiastic. Then someone came up with the idea for a Christmas tree. "We were so enthusiastic about that that I said: So now I want to place it too," says Pierre Rieu. "We approached the Center Management of Maastricht, who responded positively." The Christmas tree is 98 feet high. "We are placing the city in light, with the Maastricht star of course on top," says Tom Berghmans, member of the Center Management. It was just only three weeks ago that the two went to the municipality. “The City Council had to think out-of-the-box for a while, but cooperated very quickly. Compliments!!" The steel tree consists of 72.000 kilos of stage material plus 1400 rented lights, all of which had to be screwed in by hand. The construction, by ten men, took three days, a full day longer than expected. Fortunately, restaurant “Noon” cooperated fully. “Electricity, coffee and food for us. Soon they will be selling split-pea soup here”. Inviting and proud, the Center Management writes: "With our partners we bring an extra sparkle during these cold, dark months."
Click HERE to read an article about the Piece of Steel company and the Christmas Tree on the Harmony Parlor blogspot.
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