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Ruud and Ineke on Dutch TV December 16, 2020.
On December 16, 2020, the broadcasting channel “Omroep MAX” started a new program: the first of five episodes, named: “The Museum of the Netherlands”. People bring in objects which they consider to be typical of the Netherlands. Ruud and Ineke thought that André Rieu would fit into this idea and they offered to bring in an Australian André cut-out which had been used for at least ten years (2008 - 2018) to welcome the fans to the fan dinners in Maastricht. André did not make it to the museum, but we asked the fan friends to vote for a re-try. You never know… What will be, will be.
Note by Ineke and Ruud: Of course André plays “foreign” music, since it’s an established fact that the big famous classical composers, like Mozart, Strauss, Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovitch, do not hail from the Netherlands…. It was nice that the expert (Atze de Vrieze, pop-journalist) said that André deserved a statue in Vienna, but…. Vienna already has a statue of another famous King of the Waltz….. Our conclusion: we understand that André is that unique, that he hardly can be categorized. He is a Dutch world star and is above everything!!!
Part 2 of the recordings for the museum of the Netherlands, took place in the basement of the palace, in the former private cinema of the royal family. It was really nice to have a tour through the Soestdijk palace. Queen Juliana and her husband Prince Bernhard, (both have since passed) lived here and the palace is empty now. Queen Juliana was Queen Beatrix’ mother and King Willem-Alexander’s grandmother. The recordings lasted 3 hours, for our 6 minutes of fame! But it was a wonderful experience for us! This short video was shown on the website .
Each year he is coming out of our closet, except this year 2020. So sad!!
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