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Radio Interview L1 Today. about Faith and the celebration of Christmas.
André Rieu no longer religious: 'Make something beautiful out of it now' Interview by Yaël Weijenberg. L1 Today: Posted on December 21, 2020. At L1 Today, famous Limburgers will be speaking about Christmas, faith and what is important in life. We start with Orchestra leader André Rieu (71). Rieu was raised very religiously and was always found in the church at Christmas. Yet he has not been religious for decades, he tells L1 Today. Therapy after a strict upbringing. "When we first got together, we both went to therapy", the violinist says about himself and his wife Marjorie. "We needed that, because we were raised quite strict. Back then, faith was also involved. And then we decided not to believe in it anymore. I still fully support that." Make something beautiful out of it now. According to Rieu, you just have to make something of your life while you are still there. "In the church it is thought: here it is a valley of tears - I exaggerate a bit, yes? - and later in heaven everything is good. Yes, then you can also say: I am trying to take my responsibility and make something beautiful out of it NOW. That is why we have decided that”. At home at Christmas. Although the violin virtuoso is tied to his home during the holiday season due to the corona crisis, that is nothing new. "At Christmas, I always stay home and it's been like that for 46 years ever since I've been with Marjorie", he says. For the Maastricht citizen, Christmas equals peace. "Even with the most horrible wars, there is a truce. That's the feeling I have at Christmas. You just feel it around you: Everyone wants peace."
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