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TV Show Ivo Niehe: André’s younger years. Dutch TV, AvroTros, NPO 1, November 17, 2020.
Dutch TV: TV Show by Ivo Niehe, about André’s childhood, from the cradle to the road of success. Duration: 50 minutes. Translation and subtitles: Ineke, John, Ruud.
To read a translated article from the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” in the Harmony Parlor, please click HERE. Translation by John de Jong.
IVO NIEHE had another top interview with André Rieu in March 2008. For the people who have not seen it before: It is on our website under “Previous items” 2008. Or…click HERE to watch this lengthy interview in 3 parts!
Robèrt Rieu, André’s younger brother.
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