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After Joke Breedijk’s passing away in Februari 2019, the orchestra took a few months to overcome the shock, to reorganize, to practice with new volunteers and to get used to all changes. In June 2019 they started to perform again, with Nel Hesseling as Andr é Rieu.
Their performance on the Loosduinse Hoofdplein in Loosduinen (The Hague) on August 30, 2019, was a big success. The audience immediately reacted to the music. Watch the video below.
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On January 30th 2020, the mime orchestra “Gouwe Ouwen” (Golden Oldies) celebrated their 5 year jubilee in theater Dakota in The Hague, with a magnificent program, lasting a full two hours. In the meantime Nel Hesselink had to give up her role as André Rieu due to health issues. Earlier she had created new dresses for the orchestra members. Manager Cilia Kropff took over the part of André Rieu and this performance was her first try-out. Currently the orchestra has a repertoire of mixed André Rieu music and has acts with Dutch guests, who perform songs which the elderly know very well. Songs like Father Abraham’s Red Rose Café and Donald Jones’ (the original artist) moving song: “Ik zou je het liefste in een doosje willen doen” (I would really like to put you into a little box). Special compliments go to Ingrid Mulder (Besame Mucho, voice by Laura Engel) who studied the Spanish language very well!! Joke Breedijk’s daughter Jacqueline, granddaughter Ivana and Joke’s sister, attended the jubilee performance. Joke is the person who established the “Gouwe Ouwen” in 2015, but alas has since passed away. We continue to follow the orchestra and we are very happy to see that they are still going strong, having big successes in care centers. The audience loves them.
October 2020: The orchestra is still giving performances with great success, in care centers. Cilia Kropff is playing the part of André Rieu.
Free performance André Rieu Playback (Mime) Orchestra at Summer's three day event. July 12, 2021. Flevopost, Dronten. The André Rieu Playback (Mime) Orchestra “Gouwe Ouwen” from The Hague will give a free performance on Saturday 31 July during the Summer's Three Day Leisure World Event in Dronten, the Netherlands. "To organize the performance of the André Rieu Playback (Mime) Orchestra “Gouwe Ouwen” was still a bit tricky,” says Liane Wolfert. "It's a very special senior group. André Rieu knows about their existence and gave permission to use his name and “play” his music. The members are eager to perform again after the corona stop and would like to come from The Hague to Dronten for a free performance. We only had to arrange for transportation. The average age of the orchestra of nearly twenty members is somewhere in the eighties. And they perform in full costume with beautiful dresses and instruments. Fortunately, we were able to obtain a bus with the help of a number of sponsors, many thanks to the Rotary club Dronten for that."
September 2022 The Golden Oldies orchestra from The Hague, survived the Covid 19 pandemic. They are still going strong, entertaining people, led by Cilia Kropff as manager and André Rieu.
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