Maastrichts Salon Orchestra Since 1978. New since 2015.
Sunday, September 10th, 2017. For the second year in a row the Maastrichts Salon Orchestra will be the closing act of the PARCOURS- Festival (Opening of the Cultural Season). Theaters, museums and other cultural institutions give a taste of their programs for the coming season. On various stages in Maastricht, amateurs and professionals will give sparkling performances and organize a variety of activities. Entrance is free.
André Rieu started the Maastrichts Salon Orchestra in 1978. In the same year his first son Marc was born. At that time André was still a member of the Limburg Symphony Orchestra, conducted by his father. But he did not feel happy there. He performed with the Maastrichts Salon Orchestra for about 9 years. (The Salon Orchestra existed for nearly twenty years). André felt that he wanted more and left the Maastrichts Salon Orchestra. In 1987 he started the Johann Strauss Orchestra.
In 2016 André introduced the new Maastrichts Salon Orchestra with five members of the Johann Strauss Orchestra: Frank Steijns (piano), Cord Meyer-Luesink (violin), Tanja Derwahl (cello), Gosia Loboda (violin), Roland Lafosse. (double bass).
The Maastrichts Salon Orchestra, performing at the historic inner harbour of Maastricht, named: “Het Bassin”, during the annual PARCOURS festivities.
During the annual Maastricht concert series in July, the chamber music ensemble “The Maastrichts Salon Orchestra” entertains the André Rieu VIP guests while they dine at the Kruisheren Hotel.
Fotoshow by Marjo le Comte.
Three videos of the original early Maastricht Salon Orchestra from 1985. Found on YouTube by Kyle Craft and Christine England. Thanks guys!
“If you knew Susie”
“La petite Tonkinoise”
And another “golden oldie”! André Rieu and the Maastricht Salon Orchestra, with the “French Medley”. André wearing a gray tuxedo, and we see Jo Huijts here at the piano. Marco Bakker, tenor.
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