Mirusia Louwerse Soprano, page 8.
October 11th 2018: Mirusia on Facebook: I am so thrilled to announce that I will be playing the role of Mimma Marini in the new musical: Mimma - A Musical of War & Friendship in 2019. We open at the Regal Theatre in Perth, Australia on April 9, 2019. www.mimmathemusical.com.au
Carmen and Victor at the airport, on the way to Australia!
December 2018, Mirusia on Facebook: The last time Carmen and I sang together was in August 2017 with André Rieu in Chile. In this photo was 6 months pregnant and Carmen was 3 months pregnant. What a thrill and coincidence it was for us to be pregnant at the same time! In our lives we have shared so much together, on and off stage, and to be able to share this special time in our lives was just another wonderful experience. Now we join forces again: 8 December - Riverstage, Brisbane; 13 December - Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide; 16 December - Kedron-Wavell, Brisbane.
December 10, 2018. Christmas Carols in Brisbane. Carmen Monarcha and Mirusia Louwerse.
For the fans who like to follow Mirusia’s newest career as a musical star in the musical “Mimma”. April 11, 2019, Mirusia on Facebook: “WORLD PREMIERE OF MIMMA WAS TONIGHT. Such a joy to share the stage with this beautiful woman, Holly Meegan, who plays Sarah Parker. Mimma and Sarah become best friends and forge a lifelong friendship that spans decades. Playing till 21 April at the Regal Theatre in Perth, Australia.
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On January 11th 2019, Mirusia and Frank Steijns performed at the Friesian Proms in Leeuwarden, Holland. It’s a horse show with Friesian horses.
Summer 2019: Adorable pictures with Sascha.
September 2019: Mirusia, promoting her new album Christmas Memories.
October 7, 2019. Mirusia released her first Christmas CD: Christmas memories. The Dutch Mirusia Fan Store imported her CD from Australia and probably it is easier for European fans to order the CD from the Netherlands than from Australia. Click HERE to go to the Dutch Mirusia Fan Store. The Store is acknowledged by Mirusia. It is possible to pay by Paypal. The CD will make a perfect Christmas present.
December 1st 2019. Mirusia announced her new Australian tour 2020, A salute to the Seekers and the Classics. For tour dates: go to www.mirusia.net
December 2019. Two open-air concerts in Ohé and Laak (Limburg). “Hello Netherlands! I am coming all the way from Australia for two very special open air concerts in the beautiful Landgoed (estate) Domicilia in Ohé en Laak (Province of Limburg). Together with the Brass Band St. Caecilia Ohé en Laak, I will be performing a whole variety of different repertoire ranging from classical to modern and even my own compositions. I am looking forward to it!” In the Pentecost weekend: May 30 and 31, 2020. For tickets: www.domicilia-events.com (Due to the Corona virus, the concerts have been postponed).
March 25, 2020. From Mirusia’s Facebook: “Hello lovely people in The Netherlands. Unfortunately my sold out concerts in May are to be re- scheduled. I will let everyone know as soon as I possibly can, when the concerts will take place. Your tickets will all remain valid for the new re-scheduled dates. Love from Down Under! (The song Mirusia is singing is: “Give me your fear, I’ll give you hope in return” (composed by Udo Jürgens).
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