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June 29th 2016. Carla Maffioletti announced her first solo tour from January 2017 - May 2017, through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Photo left: Richard Oswick. Headdress creation by AgAtelier, Maastricht. Watch the video below.
Tourdates: Jan.   6, 2017: Veldhoven, NL Jan.   7, 2017: Aalst (Belgium) Jan. 14, 2017: Hoogeveen (NL) Jan. 15, 2017: Purmerend (NL) Jan. 20, 2017: Terneuzen (NL) Jan. 25, 2017: Uden (NL) Feb.  3, 2017: Harderwijk (NL) March 25, 2017: Maastricht Bonbonnière theatre (NL) May 14, 2017: Wegberg (Germany). Tickets available: 
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The initial tour announcement
December 18, 2016. The classical evening on L1.   Radio Interview with Carla Maffioletti (in Dutch), by Emile Szarcowicz, L1 Limburg Radio. Program: Evening Guestst.
A summary. Translation by Ineke, edited by John. Tonight Carla Maffioletti is our guest, to share her favorite music with us. Carla was born in 1973 in The Brazilian town Porto Allegre, which means: Cheerful harbor. She has the Italian and the Brazilian nationality. She hails from a musical family and already played the guitar as a child. Mama Leda, a music teacher, is the source of the musical passion of this family. She plays the piano, trumpet, guitar, accordion, and 4 percussion instruments. Papa Carlos is a financial advisor. Carla is the oldest child and she has two brothers, Fabio and Casio, who are rappers, hip-hoppers and DJ's. The family lived in a big house with a big garden with swimming pool, dogs, cats and a parrot. As a girl Carla played the guitar in the dark, in her little room and she dreamed to be a classical guitar player and composer of theater music. The name Maffioletti means: Little Danger. Carla is little: only 1.54 ½ m (5 ft and almost 1 inch). She is proud of the "½ cm". Little and dangerous, that fits her. For two years she lived in Switzerland in Luzern, performed in the opera house there. Now she is back in the Netherlands, in Limburg, where she feels very comfortable. She lives in Horn, a little town near Roermond. She speaks 7 languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, English, German, Dutch and a little bit of the Limburg dialect. She started her career with classic guitar but was discovered as a soprano. In 2000 she had been invited to study opera at the Maastricht conservatory, where André Rieu discovered her. For over 10 years she traveled the world with André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra. Later on she joined the opera houses of Giessen in Germany and Luzern in Switzerland. She is a member of "the Strings", a mandolin ensemble in Limburg and in 2017 she started touring on her own with a theater production called "A dream". It has always been her dream to tour with a varied program consisting of classical music, tango, fado, and other music styles, guitar pieces, and her own compositions. She tells about a dream she had about a little girl in a yellow dress who was singing in a house. Carla woke up with the melody of "Amore". She composed the song and it is in her show now. Carla is 43 now and she feels good. Her character and voice matured under André Rieu's wings and the opera houses. Her life has had its ups and downs, but she feels free and secure, likes to be her own boss, and compose her own music. The first musical choice for this program is the title song of the movie The Walking Stick (1970): “Cavatina.” Carla plays the guitar. The second choice is "Quando m'en vo" from La Bohème by G. Puccini, where Carla is accompanied by the mandolin ensemble and Manoe Konings on clarinet. Carla feels touched by the sound of the mandolins. She created a CD with the ensemble. Playing the guitar, besides singing, keeps her in balance. In her new tour she is accompanied by the salon orchestra El Capo, which she loves very much. The third piece of Carla's choice is “Pieno” (in Corso), with the Brazilian ensemble Camerata Ontoarte. The fourth choice is "Melodia Sentimental" by Heitor Villa-Lobos. A very well-known song in Brazil. The interviewer asks Carla why she planned only one concert in Limburg: on March 25 in the Bonbonnière in Maastricht. That happened to be the only concert in Limburg. Maybe there will be more concerts in Limburg during a second tour. The program is autobiographical, it is about her life, a living dream. For the future she likes to produce her own shows with her own compositions and some classical pieces. The program ends with her last and favorite piece: “Oblivion”, composed by Astor Piazzola. The end.
  Carla with her mother in Monschau, Germany.
Some highlights of this tour
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