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New Maastricht Salon orchestra September 5th, 2016
Five members of the New Maastricht Salon Orchestra: Frank Steijns, (piano) Roland Lafosse, (double Bass) Cort Meyer, (violin) Tanja Derwahl, (cello) Gosia Loboda (first violin).
Below: The former Maastrichts Salon Orkest: 1978 - 1987. André Rieu (first violin), Gemma Serpenti (cello), Frans Vermeulen (violin), Jean Sassen (double bass), Paul Coenjaarts / Thieu Heyltjes (piano).
André Rieu in 1978.
Jean Sassen in 1978.
September 12, 2016. Facebook by Agnes Fizzano-Walter: “I've always felt blessed and so happy with my colleagues in the JSO and André Rieu and I am so grateful for knowing, working and enjoying life with them, for sure! But today, at the closing event for the Het Parcours Opening Cultureel Seizoen Maastricht I've never felt prouder than to see my colleagues and so lovely friends entertaining Maastricht in such a delight, including me, feeling like their biggest fan for so many reasons!!! Thank you and congratulations to the "New Maastricht Salon Orkest"! Gosia Loboda, Frank Steijns, Cord Meyer, Tanja Derwahl, Roland Lafosse !!!! It was just wonderful and inspirational!!!! Continue please!!!!”
Photo credits: Agnes Fizzano, Lidia Surówka, Martijn Volleberg, Jean-Pierre Geusens.
To read an article from the Limburg newspaper, click HERE to go to the Harmony Parlor. Translated by John.
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